Monday, March 05, 2007

Legions and Torrents and Blogs, oh my!

Greetings, whoever you are that came here from WWdN to check out Wil Wheaton's Legion episode here. Hopefully you're a Legion fan (in any media) so stay a while and check things out. I cover the Legion in print (the Waid/Kitson run plus all the old stuff), on TV (the animated show), on TV in print (the upcoming comic based on the animated show), action figures and toys, Heroclix, Vs. System cards, trivia, sales figures - plus anything else that comes to mind.

Here are the links to torrents of Wil's episode, "Chain of Command", where he does a kick-ass Cosmic Boy. They come in regular and high-def flavors. (For any of the other episodes, here are all my posts tagged "torrent".)

In case you're interested, here's a handy little link to all of the Wil-related stuff here.

For those of you who are regulars here, hey, I got name-checked! By a Legionnaire!

As I mentioned here yesterday, based on last year's schedule of when they started doing voice recordings, they should be doing some more for Season 2. Sure enough, they are recording already. Wil "Cosmic Boy" Wheaton has a funny story (though I'm sure it didn't seem like it to him at the time) about making his recording session this afternoon with Yuri "Superman" Lowenthal and Heather "Phantom Girl" Hogan.

At 2pm, I looked at my Legion appointment sheet, to make sure we were only doing one episode today when we started at 3pm.

It said that we started at 2pm.

"Oh sweet Jesusmotherofshit!" I said, as I exploded into action, flew out of my house at warp 3, and safely drove at or beneath the speed limit, respecting all the laws which govern the operation of a motor vehicle on the interstate as well as surface streets.
Sadly, I can't say anything specific about the episode. Warner Brothers is incredibly serious about protecting the content of the shows, and I'd really like to keep working on them, so I'll just say, once again, that the level of talent, commitment, professionalism, and ultra-nerdy love for this show at all levels -- writers, producers, directors and actors -- is unlike anything I've ever experienced. [Actor's name redacted] just blew me away today.

Hey, "ultra-nerdy love" is just another way of saying "Legion fandom"... Thanks, Wil!

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