Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wil Wheaton: Comic Boy

I was just checking over at Wil Wheaton's place to see if he commented on his appearance as Cosmic Boy on the Legion show yesterday (he hasn't yet). One of the commenters noted that in the credits he's listed as "Comic Boy" (which I just confirmed). Ha!

Assuming they record the voices in more or less the production order, it's interesting to note that voice recording started in February 2006 (per Shawn "Timber Wolf" Harrison), and Wil recorded Cosmic Boy's lines in April.

Shawn auditioned for the role of Timber Wolf in January 2006, got the job, had the first cast meeting in early February (more here, including a picture), and had the first recording session on Feb. 10th.

Wil first mentioned going in to record on Monday April 24, and on Wednesday the 26th he wrote his famous ZOMG! post about reading the script (for what turns out to have been the "Chain of Command" episode). On May 2nd, after his first recording, he wrote about what the experience was like.

In one of those posts, Shawn was told that it takes six months from voice recording to episode completion and airing. On that timeline, February to September is 7 months, about on target. That means that if they want Season 2 in September, they should be complete with the first few scripts already and should be into voice recording. Keep your eyes and ears open for anything new....

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