Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tony Bedard's comments on CBR

Thanks to Matthew for the tip.

Tony Bedard, upcoming Legion writer (for at least six issues) after Mark Waid leaves, has his own message board on CBR. Here's what he has said in the last couple of days about what we might see:

I agree with the view that all the Legion incarnationss have their own merits. While "my" Legion probably remains the Levitz/Giffen version, and my faves include Mon-El, Timber Wolf (with the big sideburns and wolf logo) and Wildfire, I also have a thing for the original Silver Age version. I like the old costumes, and I like that the current incarnation harkens back to those costumes in many ways. I also like the Cosmic Boy/Saturn Girl/Lightning Lad triad at the heart of the group. And I like the Superboy inspiration.

Comics, especially ones as venerable as the Legion, undergo chamges and revamps all the time, but I think we can embrace all the best aspects of these various versions.

Anyhow, we'll see if I can't hit on a few of those old aspects in my run.

In another post, he says:
I'd also love to work on a L.E.G.I.O.N. series. That was one of my favorite books, and I think Vril Dox is among the very best characters in all the DC pantheon.

As for what I'll do in my LSH run, I want to pay off on the long-running election for Legion Leader, on Supergirl's future with the Legion, on how the Wanderers anbd Sun Boy's Terror Firma crew will coexist with the Legion...and yet all of this will be addressed through smaller sub-arcs forcusing on three or four Legionnaires at a time.

And some butts will be kicked, too.

Previously: interview with Newsarama earlier this month.

Last summer, when it was announced that he'd be co-writing a few issues with Mark Waid (busy with 52), he had some comments on what he wanted to accomplish and how much of a fan he was. Here are reviews from issues 20, 22, and 23.

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