Friday, March 16, 2007

Trivia #9 answers

As usual, you got just about everything that I asked, and you even thought of stuff that I hadn't thought of.

1. How many of the marriages, deaths, other relationships, and events seen in the original Adult Legion story (ADV 354-355) can you name that actually occurred in mainstream pre-ZH Legion continuity?

We saw: Deaths of Chemical King and Reflecto; marriages of Lightning Lad/Saturn Girl and Bouncing Boy/Duo Damsel (but didn't Night Girl/Cosmic Boy also get married?); Matter-Eater Lad went to the Bismoll Senate; Colossal Boy was forced to quit due to an injury that prevented use of his power; Polar Boy and Timber Wolf joined the Legion.

2. What are the highest and lowest selling Legion-related comics in the last 10 years?
The lowest-selling issue was Legion Science Police #4 (13K) and the highest-selling issue was Titans/Legion Special #1 (61K). If you want to cover just the main Legion books, you'll have to look at the second-to-last issue of Legionnaires for the low point (15K) and the first issue of the current series for the high point (60K).

Here's a chart I last updated in January, showing sales from late 1996 to early 2007. I don't have data earlier than the Final Night crossovers.

3. Which identical or very similar power sets have been wielded by both male and female Legionnaires? (Example: Lightning Lad and Lightning Lass)
The ones that I thought of were Leviathan/Violet, Kid Quantum I/II, Dream Girl/Dream Boy, Sun Boy/Inferno, Superboy/Supergirl, and Mon-El/Andromeda. I had forgotten about the teleporter in the Khund Legionnaires (Veilmist), who'd correspond to Gates (if we assume Gates is a male).

Others suggested Timber Wolf/Catspaw, Dragonmage/White Witch, Blok/Monstress, and Tellus/Saturn Girl (assuming Tellus is male). I'm not sure if I'd consider any of them to be similar enough for this question, but your mileage may vary.

4. Name three 30th century sports.
My original three were Moopsball, Magno-ball, and Bat-ball. I don't remember robot boxing, Spaceball or volleyball, but if you say they were there, I'll take your word for it.

5. In current continuity, which members have joined the team since the series started? (All others were shown to be members in issue 1. This question refers to "real" Legionnaires with flight rings and code names and pictures in the opening credits.)
As mentioned, Invisible Kid, Timber Wolf, Supergirl, and Dream Boy have joined since issue 1.

6. What was unique about Animal Lad's rejection at Legion tryouts?
He was rejected by the evil Dynamo Boy in Adventure #331 because he was a good guy and couldn't be corrupted. Why he never chose to reapply later once the real Legion came back, who knows. (And I don't necessarily believe the Who's Who entries for some people, if it didn't appear in the regular comic I tend not to count it as canonical, such as "David Emery" from Titan who gave himself Kryptonian powers and called himself Dev-Em.)

7. Lar Gand was held in a Zone that has had at least three different names across the various continuities. What names has the Zone gone by in that time?
Depending on which reboot we're talking about, it was either the Phantom Zone, the Bgztl Buffer Zone, or the Stasis Zone.

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