Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wizard World LA '07: A Leak in the DCU?

Wanted to put this in a separate post so it wouldn't get lost in the updates to my earlier DC Nation recap.

Superman Homepage
apparently has a transcript (in italics, below) of what was said at the panel Friday (where we also learned about Tony Bedard and a Supergirl/LSH/WWIII connection:

One fan referenced Brad Meltzer using Frank Miller's "Dark Knight" as continuity in "Justice League of America" and another book (though I couldn't hear which) referencing "Kingdom Come" as merely one very small example of the mess that DC continuity has become (as we all know it's gotten particularly bad in the Superman line). Again, Didio seemed honest and open about it, and actually admitted it.

Yeah, we're doing that, you're honestly right. Something's going on! There's a plan, there's a plan. A lot of these, there's a lot of references going on. You're going to see the world of the Legion start to leak it's way into the DCU in current time... there's a lot of things happening. And it's moving to... it's moving somewhere. How's that for being as vague and annoying as possible?

A leakage, huh? Like, for example, the pre-Crisis Star Boy grown up to be Starman, chased down by Dawnstar from their universe into the post-Infinite Crisis universe? (Not to be confused with the Glorithverse Star Boy or Dawnstar, whose wings got clipped in the TMK era.) That could easily explain how the Kingdom Come Starman is the pre-Crisis version while still keeping the post-Zero Hour Star Boy as the one that Jack "Starman VI" Knight met in the 30th century.


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