Wednesday, December 06, 2006

JSA's new Starman

WARNING: this page discusses plot developments in Justice Society of Amerca #1, so this is your only SPOILER WARNING.

The new Starman in the new JSA series - the 9th, I believe, or maybe still the 8th - looks to be an interesting character, and possibly someone we'll need to keep an eye on here. From Legion fan Jef Peckham:

As a new team is formed one of the new member is a new Starman. He wears the Kingdom Come Starman costume. Fellow old fogies will recall he was identified in Kingdom Come as the original Thom Kallor Star Boy from before the first reboot. When not doing super-heroics, this Starman apparently spends his time in a Sanitarium. because he hears voices in his head and has been diagnosed as borderline schizophrenic. In one of his lines he refers to "Color Kids and Polar Boys." Also, on the last page which is listed as a preview for the coming year Someone is looking for Starman: someone who wears a Legion Flight Ring and a yellow costume with fringe on the sleeve. Can you say DAWNSTAR? I knew you could.

From Don McPherson's Eye on Comics:
I think the character that intrigued me the most was the new Starman. This incarnation of the character has been hinted at in Kingdom Come and James Robinson’s Starman series, and there are small but not subtle indications here that would seem to confirm that this is Star Boy from the Legion of Super-Heroes after having travelled back in time from the 31st century. He’s damaged goods, a hero who’s gone a bit crazy and regressed to something of a childlike state of mind. It’s really an off-the-wall character to be included in a rather straight-laced super-hero book. The connection to the Legion will no doubt prove to be lots of fun for longtime DC readers such as myself. However, knowledge of the link to the Legion isn’t necessary to appreciate Johns’s characterization.

There's something going on here, that's for sure.

This new Starman is featured on the cover of issue 2.

Writer Geoff Johns had this to say (or not say) in a Newsarama interview in August:
NRAMA: Let's talk about some of these new characters on that cover. Who's the starry guy in the front? Starman?

GJ: That's Starman.

NRAMA: Can you tell us anything about him?

GJ: No, I'd rather not. But I can say he's very different than the other members.

But now that the issue has been published, check out WizardUniverse's discussion of that last page with Geoff Johns - a preview for the next year's worth of stories. (Thanks to "Captain Great" for the tip.)
WIZARD: ...Does that arm belong to the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Legion of Super-Heroes member we think it does?

JOHNS: That’s Dawnstar. You’ll see this [followed up on] very, very soon. All of these [scenes] take place in the first year, but this one is coming very soon. Obviously she mentions having to find Starman so he plays a major role in what’s coming up. We want to hit a couple of really high notes within the first 12 issues.


Captain Great said...

Alex Ross confirmed that it was Thom Kallor in a recent Wizard interview.

I think it's up on Wizard's website.

Greybird said...

Dawnstar is returning ?!?!?! In an in-continuity DC story that goes past being an addition to past tales (Crisis 4.5), an induced illusion (Superman/Batman story), or a retold campfire yarn (LSH v5 n15)? And WITH her wings?

YES !!!!! About bloody time! Using both the British and American glosses on that word.

Thanks for the heads-up! I'm going to watch for this new JSA series!

I won't quote Dirty Harry to urge you to "go ahead ... make my day," as you just did so.