Sunday, December 10, 2006

Animated Legion of Super-Villains

Oops, I meant that the next new episode will be 1.08, not the episode next week. Updated the text below. And as it turns out, new episodes won't show up until February. Sorry for the confusion.

Looks like KidsWB! is permanently on a 3 new/3 repeat schedule, with next week being the third repeat in the sequence (a rerun of "Fear Factory"). Their preview of the next new show includes the Legion of Super-Villains, which suggests that this is going to be episode 1.08 (skipping 1.07 for the moment). More pictures on the STX Superhero Report site.

Much to the Legion's disappointment, Lighting Lad accepts an invitation to join an older, "cooler" team. Once there, however, Lightning Lad realizes these new heroes aren't exactly what they seem. Now, caught between the Legion and his new friends, Lighting Lad must decide once and for all where his loyalties lie.

From left to right, that's Ron-Karr (lower left, hard to see, but is visible in other pictures), Esper Lass (upper left), Lightning Lord (Mekt Ranzz again), Tyr, Wave (Spider-Girl in her "Legion on the Run" identity), and Hunter.

I missed the "Sing Along with Timber Wolf" clips yesterday, did anyone catch them?


Garth Ranzz said...

I'm transferring the show from my TiVo right now so I'll let you know if I get the sing-along. But as for next week, we aren't getting 1.08. According to the published listing and TiVo, we are getting a repeat of Fear Factory.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Girl with long blue hair on the left could be Spider Girl in her Wave incarnation.

Richard said...

Seeing an animated version of Tyr debut so soon after the death of Dave Cockrum is terribly bittersweet!

Garth Ranzz said...

Well I didn't get the Timber Wolf sing-along. I thought I had set the whole morning to tape but I didn't. So I only got the Batman and the Scooby sing-alongs along with the quickie that was at the beginning of the episode for the Legion.