Sunday, May 13, 2007

Legion Heroclix stuff

Now that WizKids have released the final image (Ultra Boy), I went back and updated the entry here to show all of the new figures.

The May issue of Game Trade Magazine (#87) has a preview of the Legion set in its final retail configuration.

I'm not sure what those things are on the top right or to Superman's left. M. J. Norton at Miraclo Miles isn't sure either, but he's got a scan of the article (which appears to be an ad, not an article) in which WizKids is trying to assuage HeroClix fans that this new set, which is the first with some new playing capabilities, won't make all their old figures obsolete. I'm sure Scipio at the Absorbascon could tell you more if you were so inclined.

Meanwhile, Darren at The Miserable Annals of the Earth reviews how they translated Ultra Boy's powers into HeroClix (apparently not all that well) and discusses Timber Wolf at length.


Anonymous said...

The things are objects which Heroclix characters can hide behind or pick up with Super Strength and bash one another over the head.

I'm actually pretty happy with the portrayal of Ultra Boy's powers. Just my opinion

--vlxkvn, Vellex Kevin

Scipio said...

The depiction of Ultra Boy's powers is ingenious, taking advantage of the fact that certain powers aren't used at the same time, and therefore can be put on the same click, to represent Jo switch back and forth between offensive and defensive powers.