Saturday, April 28, 2007

New Heroclix revealed

Update 5/1: Added Lightning Lad, waiting for Ultra Boy
Update 5/13: Added Ultra Boy

WizKids now has five six all of the seven Legionnaire figures up on their site. Click each figure to go to their page with more stats. The set comes out in June.

1. Lightning Lad
2. Saturn Girl
3. Cosmic Boy
4. Timber Wolf
5. Phantom Girl
6. Ultra Boy
7. Young Superman

Here is the whole roster of Legionnaire Heroclix, though they've left a few off that should be. For my version of the whole list, see the Legion Wiki article.


Scipio said...

And they add up nicely to a 400 point team (with the forthcoming Ultra Boy click almost certainly coming in at 100 points, for a 500 point team)!

Michael said...

What does it mean now that Ultra Boy checked in at 130 points?

Scipio said...

That it's easy to form six different 200 point teams.

Anonymous said...

say, there is an 8th legionnaire in the starter set - Shrinking Violet as a hockey puck. She was a surprise to many gamers and was pleased with her addition.