Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Legion-blogging San Diego

Like last year, I'll be blogging the San Diego Comic Con from my kitchen table. I'll be scouring the comics news sites and blogs from those who are there, looking for the news and packaging it for you.

A quick rundown of Legion-related programming this weekend is below; see this earlier post for the full explanation of each of the programs. Boldface items are those that directly involve the Legion, the rest are maybes.

Wednesday 7/25
No programming, it's the Sneak Preview night

Thursday 7/26
12:15-1:15 DC Countdown . . . to the End?
5:00-6:00 Action Figure Times Toymaker Q&A
6:00-7:00 DC Group Therapy: Leagues, Legions, Societies, and Teens!
8:30-10:30 World Premiere! Superman Doomsday

Friday 7/27
11:30-12:30 Mattel and DC Comics: A Heroic Partnership
4:15-5:45 Warner Bros. Animation: The Batman/Legion of Super-Heroes
6:00-7:00 DC Nation

Saturday 7/28
1:30-2:45 DCU: New Worlds Order

Sunday 7/29
12:30-2:00 Pro/Fan Trivia Match: The Multiverse

Among those in Artists Alley are inker Mick Gray, pencillers Jeff and Phil Moy, and penciller Terry Shoemaker (one of my all-time favorite Legion artists). There are roughly 1.5 billion other pros there, according to their list.

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