Thursday, July 05, 2007

Luck Lords protect me!

Update July 9: OK, maybe "super" isn't the right word. But we did recruit a new member of the LSG, who happened to be there at the same time as we were.

Off to Planet Ventura today with the Legion of Super-Gamblers. I had a bunch of stuff I was going to post before I left but my car battery died tonight and I lost a couple of hours waiting for a jump start (where's Lightning Lad when you need him?).

This link shows how Las Vegas should be portrayed in the DC Universe, Luck Lords and Haruspexes notwithstanding. I doubt we'll see GL or Batman there, but you never know who's really a Durlan in disguise or a time traveller looking to put down some bets on past sporting events.

Topic for discussion while I'm gone: which Legionnaires' powers would be most useful while in Las Vegas, and how? You've got the the obvious ones like Dream Girl knowing which number is coming up on the roulette wheel or which card is coming next, Saturn Girl reading minds at the poker table, or Ultra Boy using his penetra-vision to see the next cards at blackjack. How about the others - how could Star Boy cheat? Wildfire, Matter-Eater Lad, XS, Ferro Lad, Quislet, Sun Boy, Theena?


Jim D. said...

Star Boy is obvious after the "Legion of the Damned" story -- he can sense (and presumably make) quantum-level changes to an object's mass, and could thus nudge a roulette ball, a craps die, or even easier, a wheel of fortune a tiny bit. (The big question is when he can do it. It has to be early enough that the effect isn't obvious, which means it's vastly harder to have the exact desired effect. You don't want the ball dropping into double-zero before it "should", or the dice settling and then tipping over at the last moment.)

Same for Ayla in reverse, of course.

XS has the broadest ability, able to move to fast to be sensed and affect things almost behind the scenes.

Invisible Kid can be unseen as well, but he moves too slowly to be able to do a lot.

Brainy can calculate the probabilities better than an hand-held chart, including the probability of a bluff succeeding. And he's a card-counter extraordinaire.

The current Triplicate Girl has some between-body telepathy or empathy, doesn't she? Her "twin sisters" can see what other player's hands are and at least give her a better sense of bluffs if not exact cards.

Grife knows what anti-energy could wrangle with digital slots.

Quislet could get any slot to pay off completely, but only once, since he ruins the machine when he leaves it.

Anonymous said...

Blok would be very good at poker. I mean, c'mon, would you want to bluff that guy?

Dawnstar might be able to win at blackjack, by tracking the aces and face cards in the deck. (It would work better if the blackjack table were space, ja?)

Matter-Eater Lad wouldn't be especially good at any of the table games, but I'm sure he could make a buck at proposition bets made with high rollers after hours. "How many golf balls can I put in my mouth? For how much?"

Jeckie would probably get comped like crazy, just to keep the Orando account in good standing with the casino.

--I've gone a bit afield.
zaguerk, interstellar DJ