Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Viva Las Vegas, DCU style

Just back from a long weekend in Las Vegas with the Legion of Super-Gamblers (or, in my case, "Sub-par"). Among the interesting topics of discussion: what would Las Vegas look like in the DCU?

Bruce Wayne would be a player in the Vegas scene. After selling off his chain of casinos he bought piecemeal (for a huge profit) he'd build the biggest, flashiest, techiest casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Not The Wynn Hotel and Casino, but The Wayne. Unlike Steve Wynn, though, he'd have Lucius Fox running the show, but he'd be there for all the gala events and charity parties.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the Strip, Lex Luthor would have his own casino, the Lexor. He uses the profits from the gaming to fund his nefarious schemes.

Somewhere in there I'm sure you'd see The Atlantis and Paradise Island hotel/casinos, the former with a distinct nautical/underwater theme and the latter with a Greek/Roman theme (maybe in place of Caesar's Palace).

Planet Krypton would be taking over and transforming the Aladdin, not Planet Hollywood, so you'd have a super-hero themed hotel/casino.

You'd probably still have New York, New York, but the DCU version would include sightings of NYC-based heroes (although they'd have to be careful not to infringe on Planet Krypton's licenses).

With people like Booster Gold and the Legion running around the 21st century, and with aliens (Superman, Hawkman, J'Onn J'Onzz, the Dominators, etc.) and high/future tech known to the general public (maybe not believed, but still seen), I think there mnight be room for a science-fiction based hotel and casino - maybe call it Time Warp after the old DC series. The hotel part would be shaped like a large rocket ship upside-down, similar to how the post-reboot Legion HQ looked. Inside you'd have a mix of retro tech (1950's-60's style fins and chrome, 30's pulps) and high/alien tech (Krypton, Thanagar). Maybe something like the Las Vegas Hilton's Star Trek Experience but on a bigger scale, with real tech instead of Hollywood special effects. This is where all of the time travellers would stay when they came back to the 21st century to bet on sporting events where they already knew the outcome - the hotel already has the futuristic touches that they're used to back home. The big favorite there would be the Planetary Chance Machine, and the food court would be famous for the Nine Worlds Ice Cream Parlor (check out the Martian ice cream).

Oh, and of course, Zatanna would be headlining at the Mirage. Top hat and fishnets, naturally.

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