Sunday, August 05, 2007

Tony Bedard, on "Supergirl & the LSH"

CBR has part 2 of their interview with Legion writer Tony Bedard. Part 1 was a couple weeks ago where he mentioned the changes in the Supergirl book and goings-on with Karate Kid in "Countdown". Part 2 also discusses Batman, Birds of Prey, and Countdown.

RT: Let's talk "Legion of Superheroes." Were you a big "Legion" fan yourself? I'll admit that prior to Mark Waid's work on the title, I never read a Legion book in my life.

TB: Being a "Legion" fan is a thing unto itself, man. [laughs]

Speaking of not reading message boards, I stay away from the Legion ones as much as possible. But it's only because the Legion has four or five distinct incarnations that are somebody's favorite, and with those fans it's either their version or none at all.

For example, you saw the version of the Legion that showed up in the JLA/JSA crossover, right?

RT: Yes, sir.

TB: And they aren't the ones that Waid has been doing in his book.

Brad Meltzer and Geoff Johns really dug the seventies version of the Legion, so that's what they went to. But if you choose one version of the Legion to do, the fans of the other four factions gang up on you.

As a creator, that is a bit of a challenge. But as a fan, I'm not like that. I happen to like something from each of the Legion eras. I'm just trying to tip my hat to all of them -- which probably means I'll please no one.

One person who is pleased with Bedard's work on the book is just-exited writer Mark Waid, who had this to say: "Tony's doing a great job with the Legionnaires and their voices as established, but more importantly, he's creating new characters that are fun to watch. And he didn't even complain that I used Validus in Brave and Bold before he got to him. Good man, that Bedard."

RT: So what's happening in the book currently?

TB: It's one big overall story arc, even though it is split into three chapters. I'm tying up several loose threads from Waid's run. It's definitely still his book and I loved what he did with the Legionnaires.

I'm trying to focus on specific Legionnaires who haven't gotten the spotlight that much. There are certain major players like Brainiac 5, who is much smarter than everyone else and doesn't mind reminding everyone of that. He's kind of a jerk but I love that about him.

RT: Just like me! [laughs]

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Greybird said...

"But if you choose one version of the Legion to do, the fans of the other four factions gang up on you." Bedard doesn't want to have to deal with that, and I don't blame him.

It's truly sad that the "I can't stand the other Legions" attitude is so strong in all the discussion venues. It seems that this is keeping Bedard away from a source of enthusiasm and perspective for his work. Kitson, I know, benefited from this, but temperaments differ.

Fandom sectarians aren't a Good Thing, methinks, especially when creators are thus not tempted to share their own presence ... and bits of inside information or early plots or sketches, for that matter.