Sunday, September 09, 2007

Adventure #247 for sale on eBay

Someone (not me) has a copy of Adventure 247 for sale on eBay. Here's the description:

Here is Adventure Comics # 247, April 1958 featuring Superboy and the first appearance of the Legion of Super-heroes from the 30th century. This comic is coverless and the bottom staple is loose from the first page. Someone used a pen on Cosmic Boy's feet and just about wore through the first page. The coupon is cut out of the last page, and the center page with the first page of the Green Arrow story has been ripped in half. The person with the pen wore through the peoples faces on the half that remains. The Little Pete page is good yet, but it might as well be missing the center page. Superboy and Aquaman storys are complete and book has slightly yellowed pages.

With just a $19.99 opening bid, based on the description I wouldn't think this should go for more than $100. From the description, I'd guess it's somewhere between Fair and Poor (and Near Mint is somewhere around $9000 in Overstreet, if any exist).

I bought my copy last year - it was coverless and missing the first wraparound (pages 1, 2, 31, and 32) and the centerfold was detached - for about $35. I bought it so that my other copy, which was missing the centerfold altogether.

Happy bidding!


Garth Ranzz said...

I'd have to debate if its worth it for just getting my copy in better shape. It is currently held together with duct tape. And, no, I wasn't the one who did it. I'd like to find a nice original cover to #247 and just replace it.

JK said...

Not to be confused, of course, with the copy you were going to give away last year. I've been checking my mail box everyday and have yet to receive it. Perhaps you got my address wrong? ;-P.

--JK (the incredible owner of Legion_3004 and poster of the Legion 50th Anniversary series on Scans_Daily).

Michael said...

No, due to the lackluster response last time (I only got like two people), I'm saving my beat-up copy (missing the cover, first wraparound, and centerfold) for something to do with the Legion's 50th next year. I just have to figure out what.