Sunday, September 23, 2007

Geek stuff

About a year and a half ago, when my readership was still fairly small, I posted this entry about how some people have Legion-related stuff in their "real" lives.

For example:

  • my desktop is named after the LSH-HQ
  • my laptop is called Computo (a sentient computer in the HQ)
  • my network is called Sleepnet (the network that links the computer minds on Colu)
  • my wireless router is the Legion Outpost (a base which helps connect faraway Legionnaires)
  • my cell phone and old Palm PDA are both called the Omnicom (the everpresent and ubiquitous communications device in the future)

In the comments of the original article, Scott mentions the names of his computer and other electronic devices as well as other artifacts around the home. Other people have tattoos (Wildfire and Dawnstar here, the Legion "L" logo here; hey Jim, do you have pictures of yours online yet?) - not me, I'm too much of a wuss, and I hate needles (and pain).

What do you have?


Anonymous said...

I always wanted to drive Lexus, since the Lexus logo reminds me of the old Legion logo. Or Lexcorp. Either way, I win. ;)

Anonymous said...

My iPod is named "Omnicom." Not original, I know, but it works. :-)

Mike A. said...

I've named my router Legion Outpost too! LOL!!!

J.D. Long said...

Actually, renaming my Treo cellphone/PDA 'Omnicom" seems like a dman fine idea. Heh.

My laptop used to be "Computo", but the screen background (I pasted the Legionnaire and the original Computo into a desktop picture) was creeping out my wife.

On the other hand, my PVC Li'l Brainiac sits on my dashboard of my car and has increased my MPG 5 mpg so far.

(That would make my Taurus Station Wagon 'The Legion Cruiser", wouldn't it?)


Michael said...

When I was in high school in the early 80s, I drove a late 70s powder blue Chevy Chevette that must have been powered by two hamsters and a running wheel. But it was my first car (even though I had to share it with my dad), and as a Legion fan I called it the Legion Cruiser. (Not out loud, of course.)

MaGnUs said...

One of my HD partitions is Computo (and another one Kraftwerk, not Legion, but still kewl), my whole computer is Cerebro (a la X-Men, in it's V incarnation.

Anonymous said...

I found a custom jewelery maker on Ebay who sold a nicer looking Flight Ring than the one DC sold a few years back. Slightly pricey, but it looks and feels real.

Meerkatdon said...

I used to have a car with the Legion symbol painted on the driver's door.

My old Powerbook was named Mac-El, and I had LSH icons (the hard drive was Legion HQ, etc.)

I named my new MacBook "Brainimac 5"

MaGnUs said...

The ring feels real until you break your legs trying to fly from a rooftop...

Jim Drew said...

My Airport WiFi network is "Legion".

My Mac has two drive partitions: Legion HQ and Legion Outpost.

My cat is named after Catspaw, a Legionnaire. (The kitten is Star, but she it's a she, we couldn't go further than dubbing her real name as "Courtney Whitmore". I also used to have a fish named "Logan"; oops, wrong company.)

I'm the Jim whose tattoos Michael referred to: Ultra Boy's logo on the left shoulder, Saturn Girl's on the right, and Lightning Lad's... somewhere I won't show you. I don't have good pictures of them, but I should get some. Two more tattoos are planned for this fall: the Emerald Eye and Quislet, in action against each other. (Those, I'll be able to show you.)

Anonymous said...

On a different topic, Michael, have you found a listing for October for the cartoon? I'm going to be away from my TV and VCR on 10/6 and I've been worried about missing a new episode. (This could be the only time I've hoped for a rerun...)

Michael said...

Jonathan - I just posted a new schedule. New episodes on 9/29, 10/6, and 10/13, rerun on 10/20 (and most likely 10/27 too).

The 10/6 episode is called "Cry Wolf" but I don't have a description yet.

Johnathan said...

Well, instead of 'My Computer' my desktop icon reads 'My Computo' and features the old yellow box-head. It's not much, but it's something.