Saturday, September 08, 2007

Baltimore Comic Con '07, day 1

As mentioned earlier, this weekend is the Baltimore Comic Con. In addition to the usual DC Nation and DC Universe panels, on Sunday there's a Jim Shooter spotlight panel in which he will no doubt start to explain what's coming up on the Legion. In the meantime, here's the Saturday news:

12:00-1:45 DC Nation
Come one, come all -- rise up and join the growing DC NATION!! Meet Dan DiDio, Senior VP-Executive Editor DCU, as he invites you to be part of the revolution! Learn what it’s like to live in a multi-verse guarded by Monitors, and discover the secret of the cosmic chess game as the DCU counts down to a Final Crisis!

From Newsarama:

  • Asked if there was a chance to see the post Zero Hour Legion of Super-Heroes, DiDio reiterated that Jim Shooter would be joining the series with issue #37, and that there are many plans coming for the Legion’s anniversary next year.

  • Busiek confirmed that Carlos Pacheco will be leaving Superman with issue #668, the finale of the “Camelot Falls” storyline. The writer added that the writers are currently framing plans for 2008, the 70th anniversary of the character. Coming up is “The Third Kryptonian,” followed by the debut of the new Insect Queen, and a major “earth(s) shaking” crossover between Superman and Action Comics.

  • The story elements from “The Lightning Saga” which seem to have been left hanging will be touched upon as part of the Legion’s anniversary next year.

  • Any progress on the Superboy lawsuit that can be discussed? Wayne: “No comment.”

  • Are there more Legion, Flash or Justice League Archives coming? Wayne said that when you get up to the issues that can be affordably bought by collectors the demand for the Archive Editions goes down. It’s something that they’re working on.

Via Comic Book Resources (not including duplicate info):
  • The Karate Kid story [in Countdown] got the faintest reaction from the crowd. An audience member explained that the story was too ambiguous and far-reaching.

  • Will readers find out who got sent to the Legion's future in Brad Meltzer's "Lightning Saga" arc of "Justice League of America?" Look for next year's 50th anniversary for more answers.

Via Mike Rhode's Flickr photostream, here's what Shooter looks like these days.

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cayomagnetking said...

Yeah, the silence over the KK storyline in Countdown was pretty embarassing. BUT, at least, they confirmed Shooter. They also announced that the Archives schedule would be slowing down and were fairly hesitant about ANY future Legion volumes.