Sunday, September 09, 2007

Trivia #15 answers

Ack, I should have posted this on Friday. I'm only a couple days late this time, not a while week. So this month's trivia quiz theme was Bring On the Bad Guys!, questions about the Legion's villains.

1. Who were the different Luthors who appeared in the 30th century?

We all agree on teenage Lex (time travelling from the 20th century) and Alexa (from the cartoon). I could have sworn that the Adult Lex made a trip too, but maybe I'm confusing the LSV stories where they came back to his time.

2. Although it wasn't revealed until years later in a retcon, this Legion villain first appeared as a Wonder Woman villain, though not under their more famous name. What was this villain's original name, what are they more famously known as, and where was it revealed that the Wonder Woman villain is the same as the Legion villain?
I thought for sure nobody would get this one, but as usual I was wrong. In "Wonder Woman" #101 (Oct. 1959), she fights a one-shot villain named the Time Master (recently reprinted in the Wonder Woman Showcase TPB). A couple of decades later, the Time Trapper appeared a few times in the pages of "Super Friends", based on the cartoon. In the letters page in issue 17, it was revealed that the Time Trapper once fought Wonder Woman as "Ty M. Master, the Time Master".

3. B.I.O.N. was a Dominator-created android based on Computo and with the powers of the SW6 LSH (kind of like a cross between the Composite Superman and Amazo). What did B.I.O.N. stand for?
Biological Intelligence Organic Nexus.

4. When the Legion of Super-Villains appeared in the first story arc of V3 (where Nemesis Kid kills Karate Kid), which member(s) of the LSV had never been seen before?
I had only thought of two, but you reminded me of a third. Cosmic King had always appeared before this with the LSV as an adult, so this is the first appearance of his teenage counterpart. The Adult LSV was revealed to be from an alternate future. The other two were Terrus and Zymyr (who nobody got - yay me!).

5. During the 1980s, the Legion starred in a 4-part role-playing game from Mayfair Games. Each game module had a title that was part of a theme. What was the theme, and who was the main villain?
The theme was Chess and the villain was the Time Trapper. The four game modules were titled "Pawns of Time", "Knight to Planet 3", "Mad Rook's Gambit", and "King for All Time". You may recall the original Legion sourcebooks from Mayfair, one for the characters and one for the worlds - this is what they were written for. Click the pictures to enlarge.

6. The very first time we see Validus he is imprisoned in a cell of inertron. In a retcon, who was said to have been responsible for building this prison?
Grimbor (probably in the Legion Who's Who or one of the Sourcebooks)

7. In terms of publishing chronology, who was the first original super-villain that the Legion faced (that wasn't merely a member of an alien race)?
It was the notorious Jungle King, from Adventure 309. After being rejected for membership (he couldn't properly control his animals), he turned to crime and attempted to create a Legion of Super-Monsters. He failed when one of the creatures that he had rejected turned on him and killed him. Wow, what irony!


Anonymous said...

For question 6, wasn't that strongly implied in Superboy #221. The second chapter of that issue had Grimor talking about once binding Validus.

Anonymous said...

For question 1, didn't a descendant of Luthor and a descendant of Mxyzptlk save the day in an early Adult Legion story?

Michael said...

Anon 1 - if it was implied or stated in Grimbor's first issue, I don't recall it. It's been a while since I read that issue.

Anon 2 - yes, but this quiz was about the villainous Luthors, not the heroic ones.

David said...

Wasn't there an android Luthor, aka Urthor in one of the early stories?

Michael said...

Yes, there was an android Urthlo, built by Luthor, but he wasn't really a Luthor and didn't look like him. Hey, it was only 1960's technology!