Friday, September 14, 2007

We can be Heroes, just for one day

I love the TV show "Heroes", about people with super-powers but no costumes or code names. (The season premiere is in about a week!). I took the names of all of the characters, plus their powers, and tried to match them to characters in the Legion multiverse. I matched a lot of them (some closer than others) but some didn't seem to have a Legion-related analogue - the Haitian, for example, is good at both wiping memories and damping powers, and Linderman can heal others with a touch, neither of whom I recall having a counterpart.

The main bad guy, Sylar, absorbs powers from others by an unknown means which appears to have something to do with taking their brain out of their head. One of the main good guys, Peter, absorbs powers from others just from proximity, and retains those powers (whether he realizes that he has them or not) with no ill effects to the original power holder. In the list below, Sylar's powers are marked with a #, while Peter's powers (which include all of Sylar's, since they met) are marked with a *.

The main cast
*Claire Bennett (self-healing/regeneration) - ???
*Nikki/Jessica Hawkins (strength) - Superboy/Mon-el/Supergirl/Andromeda/Ultra Boy (partial)
*DL Hawkins (intangibility) - Phantom Girl
*Micah Hawkins (technopathy) - Computo
*#Isaac Mendez (precognition) - Dream Girl
*Hiro Nakamura (time/space) - Infinite Man
*Matt Parkman (telepathy) - Saturn Girl
*Nathan Petrelli (flight) - Superboy/Mon-el/Supergirl/Andromeda/Ultra Boy (partial)
Peter Petrelli (duplicate another's power after he's been nearby, but can only use one power at a time) - Absorbancy Boy + Ultra Boy
*Sylar (steal powers) - Duplicate Boy

Everyone else
Charlene "Charlie" Andrews (eidetic memory) - Brainiac 5
*Claude (invisibility) - Invisible Kid
*#Brian Davis (telekinesis) - Tellus
*Charles Deveaux (dreaming) - Dream Girl
Hana "Wireless" Gitelman (internet) - Computo
Meredith Gordon (pyrokinesis) - Sun Boy
Haitian (memory erase, power damper?) - ???
Sanjog Iyer (can enter dreams) - ???
Linderman (healing touch) - ???
*Eden McCain (persuasion) - ???
*#Dale Smither (super-hearing) - Superboy/Mon-el/Supergirl/Andromeda (partial)
*Ted Sprague (radiation) - Radiation Roy
*Molly Walker (tracking) - Dawnstar
Candice Wilmer (illusion) - Princess Projectra
*#Zane Taylor (molecular manipulation) - Element Lad, Chameleon Chief
*#TBD (cold) - Polar Boy
*#TBD (unknown) //Sylar killed 6 before we met him, but we've only seen two of those powers)
*#TBD (unknown)
*#TBD (unknown)
*#TBD (unknown)

* = power of Nathan's via proximity
# = power of Sylar's via TBD


Eric TF Bat said...

A couple of points. I think Sylar's real power is his natural aptitude for understanding how things "tick". That, I think, is the reason he's able to mimic the powers of those he's killed: his metagene gives him the ability to read their DNA and mimic it. The closest I've seen to this in comics would be Archer, from Valiant's late, lamented Archer and Armstrong, who had a natural skill at ballistics, but that's still a fair way off.

Peter can and does use multiple powers at once: one example being when he and Claude were on the rooftop and Bennett was shooting at them: he definitely used Hiro's time-stopping and Sylar's TK together, and then Claude's invisibility and Nathan's flight at the same time. He's closest to Duplicate Boy, I think; no Ultra Boy required.

Wasn't there a villain in the Imra's Pink Bikini days who could damp memories like the Haitian? Alternatively, there was the guy early in the current series who couldn't be remembered, but that's different. And Cameron Chase in another lamented ex-series, Chase, could do the power-damping thing.

If you ignore the gender-specific limitation, Eden McCain is a lot like Charma, you know. She'd look pretty cute in the skimpy black bikini, too!

For Niki/Jessica, I'd go with Blok or Kent Shakespeare, whose strength was their primary power. You know, just for nitpicking's sake...

kenaustin said...

Hmm, let's see...

*Claire Bennett (self-healing/regeneration) - Post-Zero Hour Timber Wolf(at least Gail Simone's version)
*Nikki/Jessica Hawkins (strength) - Like eric said, Blok, Kent, and add Timber Wolf here, also.
Peter Petrelli (duplicate another's power after he's been nearby) - Absorbancy Boy + Duplicate Boy -no one-at-a-time limit
Haitian (memory erase, power damper?) - yeah, gotta go with Lemnos, at least for the memory erase part.
Sanjog Iyer (can enter dreams) - Threeboot "dead" Dream Girl? It seems to happen at least with Brainy and maybe Dream Boy.
*Eden McCain (persuasion) - Universo I'd say.

MaGnUs said...

We could say that the Haitian could be compared to Lemnos, of Mark Waid's Terror Firma.

Duke said...

I'd compare Claire to Immorto of the Wanderers. Considering some of the ways in which he died (didn't he fall from a skyscraper in his first appearance) he must have had a similar power in order to return to life unscathed.