Monday, November 19, 2007

eBay update

Some eBay auctions that I told you about recently have ended. Hopefully one of you was the high bidder:

This Mike Grell cover to Action Comics 861 failed to get a bid at $2500, so it was relisted. It made it as high as $909 in a second listing, but that didn't meet the reserve. As far as I know it's still for sale.

This Alex Ross cover to the Overstreet Price Guide sold for $22,000 to a live bidder at the Heritage Auction.

This Bob Layton concept cover of a "Days of Future Passed" Legion sold for $300 to Miki Anamanthadoo, a prolific collector of Legion art.


Greybird said...

Yeah, I've had a fond hope that Miki may one day loosen his talons from some of the lovely Legion pages he's snapped up ...

On t'other hand, I did get one of the Jim Janes Legion pages he coveted, a while back (from Jim Janes himself, in person), so it occasionally goes t'other way {g}

Anonymous said...

I Like the ebay and marketing