Tuesday, March 11, 2008

George Perez, righter of wrongs

Two years ago, George Perez said this:

I've never drawn an issue of Legion of Superheroes. I'd say that's a wrong that has to be righted.

As mentioned last month at Wonder Con, it looks like he'll get his chance to right that wrong - with Geoff Johns writing it.

How about this dropped in the middle of Rich Johnston's "Lying in the Gutters" this week? (Emphasis on the last sentence is mine.)
I’m told Grant Morrison turned in the [Final Crisis] issue one script back in November. However, it was not exactly what has been previously discussed and didn’t bounce off from the end of “Countdown" as intended. It also goes off on what can only be described as Morrisonian tangents. You know, what readers call “the good bits."

So Dan DiDio flew to Scotland after Thanksgiving to discuss possibilities further. I understand the script is unchanged, but it was from those discussions that the 50 cent “DC Universe" #0, shipping the week after Free Comic Book Day, emerged. Co-written with Geoff Johns, it will keep any "Countdown" continuity issues out of the “Final Crisis" series and prepare the way... very much the John The Baptist of comic books.

Geoff Johns is also writing a Final Crisis-spinoff "Legion" mini series drawn by George Perez that will slot into all of this very nicely.


Terence Chua said...

Hey, anytime I see new work from George Perez is always good news. I've always liked his takes on the Legion though it's correct he's never done an actual issue of LSH. In case Geoff Johns lets us down, the pictures will at least be pretty.

Mike said...

Johns is very good at writing "team" books, respects DC history and has done, imo, a great job so far with the Legion in both Lightning Saga and the Action Comics story "Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes" (anyone that sets up Brainy saying "I was wrong" as if he were horribly constipated knows what they're doing). All that AND Perez??

I'm so in.

Terence Chua said...

Mike: That was a priceless moment. That's what I miss from the rebooted runs - that sense of history between the characters, the sense that they've really been friends and comrades since they were kids and underneath all that, the dynamics are still the same. That's what Johns is managing to do quite effectively in that story, and I'm quite glad for that. Lightning Saga was a bit meh, but for that I blame Metzler.