Saturday, June 21, 2008

Heroes Con '08, Day 2: There Can Be Only One!

Only one DC panel at this weekend's Heroes Con.

Via Newsarama:

Q: Will the Legion seen in Action be seen after Final Crisis?

DD: All questions will be answered in Legion of Three Worlds.

Q: How many Legions after Legion of 3 Worlds?

DD: One

Q: Will Bart Allen return?

DD: Next question.

Q: Will the Legion series based on the animated series end since the series has been canceled?

DD: We’ll have it for a little while longer.

(Nothing from CBR or Wizard from Heroes Con; they may be saving their travel budget for next week's Chicago Con.)

The "only one Legion after L3W" is, I believe, a major (but not surprise) spoiler. But the question is how - does that mean we'll have one title with one team, the other two off in publishing limbo, or some sort of merged team made up of members from the different continuities?


Terence Chua said...

Taking the path of least resistance and the Shooter rumors, my prediction is that it'll be the first option: one team, the other in limbo, and it'll be the pre-Crisis team. The latter option would cause a continuity nightmare, and I don't see Johns really recommending that approach.

Then again, I'm no Nura Nal.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we'll see a squash as the three teams get rendered down to enough members between them to only make one group. I.E. since at least one Una is now dead, the other triad and Triplicate girls will merge with her. It would be a shame just to lay all three teams to rest and start anew for the fourth time.

The animated TV shows comic continuing for a while longer is good news. They said with the closing of the second season, that there would be written a "3rd season" in the comics. I'd like it to last long enough to actually SEE how that goes. But by the sounds of it, it may only be with us for a year or two longer.

Mike said...

While I hate the idea of a "merged" Legion (and I agree with Terence, I don't think Johns would do that), I can see certain members of the other Legions joining with the Pre-Crisis Legion (Star Boy is now the JSA's Starman, so the latest Star Boy could join (and would certainly help the Pre-Crisis Legion's diversity problems), the aforementioned Triad replacement would be good, as would "bringing back" some dead Legionnaires (Invisible Kid and Ferro Lad)

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those who thinks its a bad idea to merge. Every Legion has its speciality to the fans. But if they write off two, or even all three and create a new one, a lot of fans of those old books will be disappointed. There will be a lot of Legion fans watching this story closely.

Darren K. said...

A merger is a bad idea, but maybe we are reading things wrong. I mean, the title is Legion of Three Worlds. It's already a single Legion in the title. Maybe we're looking at a trans-universes Legion, where all three are all part of one Legion.

Matthew E said...

My preference would be Darren K.'s idea.

Jason said...

I suspect the "original" Legion from "Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes" will be the Last Legion Standing by the end of "Legion of Three Worlds." No merging. No major continuity rewrites. The other Legions will just...vanish.

PenaltyKillah said...

Boy, the decade-long sentiment's has overstayed its time. Remember, while the "real" Legion was intended to be a back-up one-shot to give Superboy playdates, the "other" two were formed to boost lacklustre sales and perhaps a worn-out plot machine. Give a little pity, people, though a reboot-centric guy like me ain't the right man to talk.

I don't want a 'Hat Trick' of any kind, but merged Legion continuities could just be the trick to, well, please everyone. It'd bring back readability of past stories... and "new" twists to the Legion's 20+ legacy characters.

But what's on my money? I expect DC to just forget about us & bring back the older-than-5YL adult Legionnaires starting with LSH #50. Have fun sifting through potential overburdened storylines. At least Shooter can finally work with a Legion his age again.

PenaltyKillah said...

Sincere apologies for my bad-tasting rant above. Looks like the current series may just go beyond #50, with or without Shooter. Or maybe the Threeboot Legion will be transferred to Earth-50.