Sunday, June 01, 2008

Speculation: LSH v6 coming next year?

Here's something Jim posted in the comments here a couple weeks ago that is making me think:

I'm right now betting on LSH v6 coming as fallout of Final Crisis. Shooter will be on LSH v5 through #49 or 50 -- which is right about at the end of Final Crisis -- giving him 14 issues rather than 18 (making it only a small lie, and maybe not even a *lie* if it wasn't specifically planned that way at the start) -- with a Legion revamp coming out the back end, spilling out of FC and Lo3W, featuring either the Lightning Saga Legion or a Hat Trick combo-Legion.

Now that we know Shooter is on for at least a year, that makes his 12th issue as #48. We also know that per last month's solicitations, "Legion of 3 Worlds" #1 comes out the same month as LSH v5 #45, and it's 7 issues, which means that L3W #7 comes out the same month as LSH v5 #51. Shooter was originally said to be on board for a 16-issue run, which would make his last issue #52.

That's awfully coincidental. I'd be wary of any solicitations for issue #53 and up, watching for another Flash-type sneak relaunch (as Mike suggested here several days ago).


Michael K. Willis said...

I don't know what the DCU is going to look like after Final Crisis (to multiverse or not to multiverse, that is the question) but personally I wouldn't mind having several Legions...say the current Shooter one, Johns' folks, and the DnA squad. This is unlikely to be the case, of course (DC would say that it would be too confusing for newcomers and they would be right.) It seems more likely that a "hat trick" team will spin out of FC with a large percentage of the members coming from Johns' Lightning Saga/Action Comics team. Hey what's another LSH reboot between pals, right? :-)

Anonymous said...

Just leting you know, Michael, that Legion of Three Worlds is only 5 issues long...Final Crisis is 7 issues. :)

Both FC and LO3W finish in December, which would also be when issue #49 arrives. The first issue after the two mini-series finish would be #50.

Scott Koblish said...

i think, and anything can obviously change, but I think that right now Lo3W is slated for 5 issues, not 7.

Doesn't change your math too much, i hope!

Anonymous said...

I just hope for not another reboot. While its a nice idea to rethink on the series, for long-term fans, having to learn yet another set of background stories for the same 30 or so characters is enough to drive you mad. I'd be happy if all three versions were the same at the end, but not if a new version was there. V.5's run is too short. What the retroboot went for about 25 years and was just reintroduced to everyone again. Reboot lasted for about 15 years and was massive in comparison to even Retroboot, its had a lot of offshots overall. Threeboot... just 5 years old, its age is only lessened by SW6 batches I think... (those good at maths and dates can work this lot out)

Could DC possibly mess everyone about again so soon? I hope not.

The Girl in Grey said...

Bring back Catspaw!

Anonymous said...

Catspaw was the only new character in SW6 I liked. She does appear in Reboot, but only as a random background character. She deserved more then that. But she was basically a redraw of Timber Wolf so we can't fault them for not including her in the Legion other then that I suppose... But then again we had Andromeda and Valor in the Legion's roaster at some point or rather.