Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wizard World '08, Day 2: Shooter's still here

Update: Wizard's coverage is up now. Apparently they had not posted anything from Friday or Saturday when I posted this Saturday afternoon.

Hmmm, looks like there's a convention this weekend, Wizard World in Philly. Recapping Days 1 (DC Nation) and 2 (Crisis Now!) so far:

DC Nation, via Newsarama:
[From the comments] About the only piece of actual news that came from the panel was that Jim Shooter is still the writer on Legion of Superheroes.

Via CBR:
The next "Final Crisis" tie-in mentioned was "Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds," written by Geoff Johns with art by Crisis-veteran George Perez. The series will pull together the characters from three teams that have called themselves Legion of Super-Heroes, exploring the future that was shown in "Final Crisis" #1.

Via Wizard:
Q: Is Jim Shooter still on Legion?
Sattler: "Yes."

Final Crisis, via Newsarama:
Is Jim Shooter definitely the writer on Legion? “Yes, he has a minimum of a year’s worth of stories.”

Via CBR:
In "Legion of Three Worlds," "fans all Legions will have their cake and eat it too -- but two of those pieces won't taste as good as the other one."

Will FC clean up the Legion of Super-heroes?: "Oh God, I hope so."

Wizard didn't have anything.

Discussion follows at the DC message boards, Legion World, Newsarama, and CBR.

As for Wizard's site, it's crap. I can't navigate in either Firefox or IE, and I can't find any news ordered chronologically. If anyone finds any coverage of the panels, please leave it in the comments.


J.D. Long said...

Heh. Thought so.


Richard said...

You called it correctly, JD. And many thanks to Vinnie Bartilucci for clearing that up. If they weren't lying to him. ;-)

Michael said...

It never made sense to begin with. Rich reported the rumor, then claimed that "industry gossip" (fans talking about it on message boards) proved he was right.