Sunday, May 04, 2008

Multiversal retconitis: a mis-diagnosis

Last summer, I diagnosed Batman with "multiversal retconitis". It was an attempt to explain why Batman had met three (four?) different Legions in the past but not said anything about it - perhaps the reboots had messed with his mind, making him forget.

Apparently not.

In what looks like a shout-out to me, Geoff Johns addressed this very issue (minus the term "multiversal retconitis") in this week's Action 864:

Batman: I think the future's always changing. I've met three different Legions, Clark.

Superman: You've dealt with the Crime Syndicate and the Justice Society's Superman. You've seen doppelgangers --

Batman: Not from the future.

Superman: Years ago, the Legion met two others. Brainy theorized they were from parallel Earths.

Batman: So we're talking about three worlds?

Even if it's not a shout-out to me personally, I'm glad to see it was addressed. I have a feeling that somewhere, somehow in the "Legion of Three Worlds" story they'll address the v4-era Legion since the Time Trapper was involved there as well as in the upcoming miniseries.

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Unknown said...

Also in Action 864, Starman has been drawing lots of stick figures on a wall. With those shown behind him, he's talking about Triplicate Girl and "wait until you see what happens to her!"

Looks to me like "Duplicate Damsel" foreshadowing... Clever.

- Mark Plemmons