Monday, June 02, 2008

Shooter: same rumors, new spin

From today's "Lying in the Gutters", which to date has been the only source of the "Shooter's leaving" rumor for the last month (which is not to say it's not true, just not multiple-sourced):


[Yellow Light]

On one hand, Dan DiDio's statement that Jim Shooter is definietly the writer on "Legion" because he has twelve issues of Legion written.

One the other, far too many comic pros at the Bristol convention (attended by DC) all convinced that Shooter had parted from DC. And the New York bar scene backing this up.

Could it be that Jim just worked well in advance?

We report, you decide!

Well that settles it, it must be true. You can't argue with the New York bar scene.

(thanks for the pointer, Murray!)


Jonathan Miller said...

Given that Rich is still maintaining his "Neil Gaiman to write Doctor Who!" as a Green Light, even though Neil has denied that in no uncertain terms on his blog, I think you're pretty much on the right track here. Of course, Rich would probably defend the story by saying that it's true that Neil and the incoming exec producer did have lunch together, and if you just inferred anything from that (as Rich did), well...just as he'd defend this story by saying that Shooter is off Legion, but it looks like things were planned that way.

So yeah, grain of salt. Definitely.

Bjooks said...

I wouldn't call Neil's post about Rich's rumor a denial in no uncertain terms (at least not if this is the post to which you're referring -- ).

In fact, instead of denying anything in Rich's article, he specifically called Rich's version "carefully worded," then went on to decry how the rumor, on OTHER blogs, went from "Neil's in talks to write..." to "OMFG -- NEIL'S WRITING THE DOCTOR!" Later in the same post, Gaiman again doesn't deny the rumor but instead mentions that if and when the deal happens he'll post about it on his blog. I read that as "don't get the horse before the carriage," but not as a denial of Rich's rumor as originally worded.

I give Rich's careful wording much more credit than some of you apparently do -- on both the gaiman story and the shooter story.

Michael said...

My point on the Shooter story is that to date, Rich is the only person to say (on three separate occasions, so far) that Shooter is already gone. I am neither believing nor disbelieving this, I'm only saying that we need a confirming source before accepting it as true.

What we have so far is:
Rich says "Shooter has already left."
DiDio says "Shooter is on for at least a year."
Rich says "maybe he writes fast and has his year's worth of stories done already, but I'm still hearing he's gone."

Make of that as you will.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame to loose Shooter as his stories are good enough to make me pick up the Legion again after I came to the conclusion v.5 was a big flop and began to imagine horrible ways to kill every Legionnaire in Threeboot. He knows pace, suspension and handling, the characters under his control are not as flat as previous stories and I'd wish if he does leave he'd come back for a while. He isn't perfect, but if he can make me pick up this series after two writers made me forsaken it he can't be bad now can he?