Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stuff to spend your money on

Here's some stuff that you might want to consider purchasing in the near future:

  • I got this in the email the other day:
    If you haven't heard, comic book artist Gene Colan is ill and his family is getting crushed by the medical bills. To help his family, several writers and artists have donated items to be auctioned off.

    They just added a neat Legion item-


    Signed by producer JAMES TUCKER, writer/story editor ROB HOEGEE, voice of Bouncing Boy MICHAEL CORNACCHIA, voice of Timber Wolf SHAWN HARRISON, voice of Superman YURI LOWENTHAL, voice of Lightning Lad ANDY MILDER, voice of Saturn Girl KARI WAHLGREN

    Since it goes to a good cause, would you mind spreading the word by putting a blurb about it on your Legion blog?

    That's from the 2006 San Diego Comic Con, where all the voice actors were at a special panel (see here for the details of the panel).

    You may recall that Gene did a couple of Legion stories, one from LSH v2 #311 (the Wildfire/Dawnstar on Starhaven story) and a section of LSH v3 #27. (Plus, he pencilled the Timber Wolf figure on the cover of LSH v2 #300, too.)

  • TV Shows on DVD reported that volume 3 of the Legion cartoon is coming on DVD on September 9th, with the final five episodes of Season 1 ("The Substitutes", "Child's Play", "Chain of Command", "Sundown Part 1", and "Sundown Part 2"). Here is the box artwork:

  • The June 2008 issue of Alter Ego, by TwoMorrows, has a big cover story on Dave Cockrum. Included with the article (written by the Legion Companion's author Glen Cadigan) is some original Legion artwork to go with the story of how Dave got and left the Legion job.

  • Coming soon is Tim Callahan's book "Teenagers from the Future", a series of essays on the Legion spanning over 340 pages - hopefully ready in time for San Diego. I was looking around to find more about the official release date (Tim, care to chime in?) when I found this 12-part essay on Keith Giffen's contributions to and influence on the Legion, by Julian Darius at Sequart (columns 77-88). Start with the first part. Julian's essay will also be in the book.


Timothy Callahan said...

The book is done--and we had copies ready for NYCC, but we caught a couple of mistakes in that edition, so Sequart is putting out a revised version soon. The plan was to have it out by the end of June, but now it looks like technical glitches may push it back a bit more. I'd love for it to be available when Legion of Three Worlds hits the stands, and I'm pushing for that!

I'll keep everyone posted.

Greybird said...

The site also offers Alter Ego 78 as a downloadable PDF file, for about half the printed price. Now, that's an overdue innovation!

I was about to add that the site offers Cadigan's Legion Companion, despite postings about its selling out. Yet looking more closely, the button does indeed say "Sold Out," not "Add to Cart." Ah, well. (Shouldn't their index page state this, though?)

It's still available through several Marketplace sellers, so Legion fen (especially of the pre-first-reboot eras) who don't have this fascinating, well-turned interview-and-art volume should snap it up while they can.