Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baltimore Comic Con 08: DC Nation

At this weekend's Baltimore Comic Con, here's the Legion news from the DC Nation panel.

Via CBR:

Geoff Johns added that the Legion of Super Heroes appearance in “Smallville” will be airing in February. There will be a villain from the Legion’s time that Johns can’t believe they let him use.

Via Newsarama:
Q: Who’s in the lightning rod the Legion has?
A: Johns: “We will see that in Legion of 3 Worlds #3.”

Q: What story is Johns telling with the Legion on Smallville?
A: “If you know the origin, you know the story that’s coming,” Johns said. “But there is a villain from the Legion’s time that I can’t believe they let me put in there.”

Q: Is there any Legion of Super-Heroes news about the future of the team?
A: Johns: “The future of the Legion of Super-Heroes is in Legion of 3 Worlds - and it will have a lot of stuff in it that will affect the modern day DCU.”

Q: Is Glorith in Legion of 3 Worlds?
A: Johns: “She’s mentioned. You might now be happy about it.”
[Wonder if this is a typo, if it should be "not" instead of "now".]

Q: Will the Legion appear in more than the one episode of Smallville?
A: It’s a one episode thing, Johns said, adding that the appearance will have ramifications throughout the season.

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