Saturday, September 06, 2008

Half Price at TwoMorrows

TwoMorrows is having a sale through the end of September. Among the items marked down:

Best of the Legion Outpost (50% off)

Alter Ego #78 (15% off), Dave Cockrum tribute

Back Issue #14 (15% off), Mike Grell and Dave Cockrum discuss the Legion

Back Issue #22 (15% off), Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen discuss the Legion

Back Issue #33 (15% off), "a star-studded art gallery of Legion of Super-Heroes 1970s fashions"

Krypton Companion (15% off), Superman in the Silver Age including "MARK WAID’s tribute to Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes"

Legion Companion (15% off)

(No, I don't get any commission off this, by the way.)


Mike Z said...

Beawre thatthey're getting absolutely flooded with sales from the sale, so it may take a little longer than normal to get your order.

Bill D. said...

I ordered the Legion Outpost book last week. Can't wait for that to show up in my mailbox. Wished the Legion Companion had been 50% off as well, but some other time, I guess.

Dave P. said...

Just got the Legion Outpost from TwoMorrows. Didn't realize how fanatical those guys were in the 70's. It's an interesting look at how the Legion was revived. FYI the Legion Companion at TwoMorrows Says "Sold Out." Ordered it from Books-a-Million and they are "awaiting it from the supplier." Think I'm out of luck.