Monday, September 29, 2008

LSH v5 Cancelled with #50

As has been speculated and predicted, the current Legion series will end with issue #50, according to news out of the Baltimore Comic Con.

Via Newsarama:

DC Comics confirmed for Newsarama at Baltimore Comic Con that Legion of Super-Heroes, the ongoing series that relaunched the fan-favorite, teenage team from the future, will be canceled with issue #50 after a four-year run.

"We're going to bring a close to the Legion of Super-Heroes now," said DC Senior VP and Executive Editor Dan DiDio. "There's a lot going on with the characters. I thought that [writer] Jim [Shooter] and [artist] Francis [Manapul] have done a terrific job with the series, and '50' seemed like a really nice number to bring this series to a conclusion."

However, Legion characters aren't going away, DiDio said. "We've got a lot of plans and a lot of thought for the Legion right now, but coming out of the Legion of 3 Worlds, we're going to let the characters rest for a little bit and see where we go from there," he said.

Shooter, the current writer of the Legion of Super-Heroes ongoing comic, told Newsarama in Baltimore that he found out about a month ago that the series was canceled with Issue #50.

"It's a drag, but I get to finish most of my story. It would have finished in Issue #54, but Issue #50 is going to be a 30-page story, and I'm hoping people will be intrigued enough that they'll want to finish the story. So we'll see," Shooter said. "I understand new comics sales are not doing so well right now. Which is weird. Just look at this crowd. Everyone seems so excited about comics. They're buying something."

Shooter said his story will come to a climax in the next few issues as he finishes up the "One Evil" storyline.

...Because he's been writing the Legion so much lately, Johns has been asked frequently by fans during DC panels at conventions if he would write the team in an ongoing series. His answer has always been that he'd love to do it. So Newsarama asked DiDio: Is it possible there will be a Johns-penned series featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes in the future?

"You know what? I think we'd love Geoff to write everything right now. But realistically, he's got a pretty full slate with everything that's going on," DiDio said. "He's got Flash, Green Lantern, JSA, Action, and specials coming up because this thing called Blackest Night is looming. But I'm sure that the Legion will stay close to Geoff and near and dear to him as well, and you'll probably see some of them appear through some of his runs down the line. I don't want to give too much away. But there's always plans for the Legion. They're an important part of the DC Universe. And more importantly, I think we've done a great job with the story. I think Jim and Francis have done a great job bringing it to an end. And after Legion of 3 Worlds, there will be more opportunities, so we're going to explore those after that series concludes."

More to come, obviously.


Terence Chua said...

Ah well, we saw this coming, really, what with the persistent rumors and all. Question is how long they'll let it remain dormant before a new series. What's the longest downtime been between Legion volumes? Has there ever been downtime?

Duke Harrington said...

The only real downtime, ever, was between the Action run and when the team began to pop up in SUperboy backups, leading into taking over the title.

You know, what with the economy and all, the rising price of gas and heating oil, coupled with a long commute to work and an expected hard winter, I've been thinking for a while about cutting back on my comic book collecting.

No Legion sounds like a good opportunity to cut the cord cold turkey.

I've been actively collecitng comics for 35 years, but, I dunno, it's been mostly habit for a lot of years now.

Matthew E said...

I think Jim and Francis have done a great job bringing it to an end.

That's a terrible thing to say.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for cutting out the spoilers in the link, Michael. I read 'em unawares earlier this morning, unfortunately. Think Shooter let 'em slip because he's more unhappy than he's letting on, or was it just a mistake?

Michael X. McArthur said...

You left out the best part about Pr. . . Hey, what are you doi. . .
Oof. . . Ow. . .Ok, Ok.

Never mind.

Anonymous said...

So... What the hell happens now? Wha ARE they planning for the series now??? O_o

Man, they know how to leave the fans in the dark.

Tom said...

I'd thought there was a hiatus of a least a couple months right around "Legion Lost". Or am I making that up?

And did the Five Year Gap leave a couple months empty? Back then, the Internets were not as good at telling us normal fans what was forthcoming.

Matthew E said...

Honestly, I don't think they know what they're planning.

Yes, there were hiatuses in the past, but they always knew what was coming after the hiatus. This time I don't think they do know.

Tom said...

Do you really think they don't know what they're going to do next? I get the sense that they know exactly what they're going to do, but they want to wait until L3W gets further before they say, since announcing they're restarting the pre-Crisis Legion with original numbering (for example - insert "Multiverse Triple-Sized Legion Spectacular" if you prefer) would be a bit of a spoiler.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

I know what you mean, Duke. I quit buying individual comic books about a year ago. I only buy collected editions now, mostly of manga.

Bart said...

I agree that they're probably just keeping their mouths shut for the moment because they don't want to steal any attention away from 'Legion of 3 Worlds' right now.

Personally, I've been less than enthusiastic about the Legion since Waid took over with Vol 5 (although I've continued to buy the title throughout) and it's only with the last couple of Shooter issues that I've felt that it's finding its feet and coming into its own. Bad timing, Jim!

Still, I love what Johns has done lately to re-acquaint audiences with the Legion's original iteration and I could get pretty excited looking forward to whatever happens in the aftermath of '3 worlds' to launch the Legion's new era.

Matthew E said...

I really think they have no idea what they're doing next.

This is not a completely unfounded opinion, but I don't feel that I'm in a position to cite my sources. Although I will say that I may be wrong about it now.

Jim Drew said...

There was one month between LSH v4 #125 and Legion Lost #1 (March and May 2000), and one month between Legion Lost #12 and Legion Worlds #1 (April and June 2001). No gap between Legion Worlds #1 and The Legion #1 (November and December 2001).

I think there was a month off (Early November to Late December 2004) between The Legion #38 and LSH v5 #1, but I don't have that info handy.

Patrick C said...

I'm disappointed. Legion has become one of my favorite comics ever since Shooter took over. I've been more a passive fan of the Legion, the new Shooter run is the first time I actively collected each new issue, rather than just pick one at random every few months. This is a shame.