Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Teenagers from the Future, the Constitution, and More


  • Tim Callahan's new book is finally ready (too bad the kinks couldn't be worked out before San Diego, this would have been a perfect addition!). Teenagers from the Future is now available at Amazon.com.

    Via RAB at Estoreal:
    According to Tim, the book will also be available for order through the direct market in either the October or November Diamond Previews catalog. Tim isn't sure whether the book will still be available through Amazon after it appears in the Diamond catalog, so anyone who wants to be sure of getting a copy without actually going into a comics shop should probably order it now.

  • I can't believe I missed the various series Siskoid has had going lately. I missed Legion Tryout Week the last week in August, which featured Adventure Comics #247, Tales of the Legion #343 (reprinting Superboy 195 and 201), Tales #339 (reprinting LSH v3 #14), Legionnaires #2, and Secret Origins #46.

    This week he's doing the Annotated Legion Constitution. So far he's got Articles 1 and 2 and Article 3, with representative panels demonstrating each of the clauses.

  • 4th Letter has the story of "an audio book based on a book based on a graphic novel," the Books-on-CD version of the novelization of "Infinite Crisis". He's got some interesting sound clips.
    When the multiple Earths are flying around space and we see into them, the Legion of Superheroes world gets a cool techno theme.

    Hey, there’s a complaint right there. They give us stretched out scenes based on those panels of the Legion world, the Tangent world and the Fawcett world, but nothing with the cowboy world and the Bizarro Earth with all the inhabitants happily strangling each other in the chaos. I feel gypped.

    Sadly, no sound clips of the Legion bits (yet).


    Timothy Callahan said...

    Thanks for spreading the word!

    Yeah, and if RAB is in it, you know it's gotta be good!

    (And I really do expect that Diamond will want it pulled from bookstores so they have exclusive distribution. The only reason it's out now is because Sequart submitted it to Diamond after they submitted it to the bookstore distributor. But they pulled my Morrison book for Diamond, and they'll probably do the same with this. Maybe.)

    Siskoid said...

    And... ordered.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Michael, do you have one of those Amazon blogging agreement things? (Where they throw a few pennies at the blog linking to them if someone clicks through and purchases?) I want to help out one of the blogs I read when I order this and (given that it's about the Legion) you're first on my list. :-)

    jonathan miller.

    Siskoid said...

    My Legion stuff is going to have to go one more week, I'm afraid. I just can't do the whole Constitution in just one, I've just realized. So stand by for Week 3!