Monday, September 08, 2008

Trivia Answers #27

Here be the answers to the Dawnstar trivia quiz. I came up with some questions and Greybird helped me with some.

1. Name one of the two jobs she had before she joined the Legion.

In her debut story ("Superboy" #226), she said that she had "guided hunters to snare helpless beasts." In her origin story ("Superboy" #240), she described having been a navigator in deep space for commercial craft.

2. What was the Grand Tour, and what happened at the end of it?
The Grand Tour was a traditional journey in her culture throughout the galaxy, upon reaching age 18, to find self-knowledge and, potentially, to gain a mental image of one's future mate. Wildfire showed up at the end and she thought he was distracting her, but then realized that he appeared as his soulmate.

3. What were her parents' names?
Mist-Rider was her father, and Moonwalker was her mother.

4. Who was her roommate at the Legion Academy, and who were some of the other people in the Academy at the time?
Her roommate was Laurel Kent. Her fellow Academy members, as seen in the flashback story in "Superboy and the Legion" #240, were Shadow Kid (Grev Mallor) and Jed Rikane, in addition to Laurel.

5. How did she lose her wings?
This was never shown or described, but she was depicted as not having them when she reappeared (LSH v4 #5) as "Bounty." Her later dis-possession by the Bounty spirit never revealed exactly what had happened to her.

Incidentally, it came up in the comments that the bounty hunter Bounty (from S/LSH 234, who hunted the Composite Legionnaire) was related to Dawnstar. From "Who's Who in the LSH", which came up with back stories on many characters that have since been accepted as canon, Jaeger Tallspirit's father was from Starhaven and was a cousin of Dawnstar.

6. Who was her partner in the private investigation firm she worked at?
As Bounty, she worked with Celeste Rockfish.

7. Mike Grell designed Dawnstar's look and contributed the cover to her first appearance, but didn't do the interior art (he also did a few subsequent covers). What was the only time Grell got to draw her in interior art?
I thought the only issue was That Damned Tabloid with the wedding of Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl. However, Ken Austin reminded me that Grell redrew the wedding scene for LSH v3 #45, the 30th anniversary issue. So technically there's one answer - the wedding scene/issue - that appeared in two places. Sort of, I guess.

Again, Greybird helped out with these. Thanks for the extra Q&A!

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