Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Legion of Substitute Podcasters

I'm not quite sure who these guys are Subs for, but there's a site that just went live that features Legion-oriented podcasts (mp3 files for downloading or streaming). They call themselves the Legion of Substitute Podcasters, and they can be found at I've also added them to my blogroll on the left.

We’ve heard that people have a tough time understanding the Legion of Super Heroes. It’s hard to keep track of which Lad, Lass, Boy or Girl is which.

Let us make that a lot easier for you.

Join Paul French, Ric Croxton, Darren Nowell, and our mystery Legionnaire for a fun ride through the history of the future!

Their first podcast, featuring Adventure 247, is up.

(Via Tales from the Longbox)

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