Monday, October 06, 2008

Trivia Quiz #28

The new Legion of Super-Villains team in "Legion of Three Worlds" is a collection of the worst of the worst bad guys who have plagued the Legion over the years. (Note that issue #2 is scheduled for next week, October 15th; issue #3 for Dec. 3rd; and issue #4 for Dec. 24th.) Here are some villainous questions:

1. Who was Jan Jor?

2. Which villain(s) possessed all (or nearly all) of the Legionnaires' powers?

3. We know who used the names Bob Cobb, Betsy Norcross, and Marie Elkins while in 20th century Smallville fleeing Mordru. But what were their cover stories: who were Bob, Betsy, and Marie?

4. Of the members of the LSV, who were direct (or nearly so) counterparts of Legionnaires in terms of powers?

5. Which non-Legionnaire helped the Legion defeat Mordru in his first appearance?

6. On the other hand, which two then-active Legionnaires did not help fight Darkseid in the Great Darkness Saga, and why?

7. Which Legion-centric alien races, pretty much never before seen in the 20th century, aided in the invasion of Earth in the INVASION! miniseries?


8. In "honor" of the impending cancellation of LSH v5 with #50 and the inevitable subsequent relaunch of LSH v6 #1, name as many of the issue #1's the Legion has ever had as you can. Include series and miniseries starring individual Legionnaires, small groups of Legionnaires, or anyone closely related to the Legion.


Anonymous said...

1) Person who joined the (Adult) Legion and either turned evil, or always intended to betray the Legion. Only name and indistict image was seen.

2) Bob Cobb-Kent cousin and traveling salesman.

Betsy Norcross-Exchange student with the Langs.

Marie Elkins-Relative to Ella Parker, wife of Smallville Police Chief Parker.

3) Mask Man
Composite Superman
Composite Man

4) Lightning Lord-Lightning Lad
Saturn Queen-Saturn Girl
Cosmic King-Elemant Lad
Chameleon Chief-Chameleon Boy
Sun Emperor-Sun Boy
Magno Lad-Cosmic Boy
Micro Lad-Shrinking Violet

5) Pete Ross (Lana was there, but really didn't help much).

6) Cham was serving time on Takron Galtos, and Vi was secretly a captive of the Imsk Liberation Front.

7)Khunds, Dominion, Durlans, and to a lesser degree, Daxamites.

8)Legion #1 (4 ish reprint)
Karate Kid #1
Secrets of the LSH #1 (3 ish mini)
DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #1 (Adventure Comics reprints)
Legion Annual #1 (1982)
Legion #1 (Baxter)
Legion Annual #1 (Baxter)
Legionnares 3 (4 ish mini)
Cosmic Boy #1 (4 ish mini)
Who's Who in the LSH #1 (7 ish mini)
Wanderers #1 (13 issue run)
L.E.G.I.O.N. '89 #1
New Legion #1 (TMK)
Timber Wolf #1 (5 ish mini)
Legion Annual #1
Valor #1
Legionnaires #1
Legionnares Annual #1
Legends of the Legion #1 (4 ish mini)
Legion Secret Files and Origins #1
Science Police #1
Superman + Legion #1
Sovereign Seven + Legion #1
Titans/Legion Universe Ablaze #1 (4 ish mini)
Superboy's Legion #1
Adventure Comics 80 Page Giant #1
Legion Lost #1
Legion Worlds #1
Legion #1 (DnA)
Legion Secrets 3003
Titan/Legion Special #1
Legion #1 (WaK)

Anonymous said...

Inferno #1
Legion of 3 Worlds #1

Jim Drew said...

7. Imskites and Gil'Dishpan were also seen in Invasion

8. R.E.B.E.L.S. #1
Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century #1

Closely related to the Legion? Superman #1, Action #1, More Fun #1, Supergirl #1, blah blah blah

Does a story in an anthology count: Adventure Comics 80-Page Giant #1 (story #5), The Flash 80-Page Giant #1 (story #7)

Define "starring": Final Night #1, Armageddon: Inferno #1, Genesis #1, Justice Society of America #1, Kingdom Come #1, Superman & Batman: Generations III #1, Unlimited Access #1 (one page, but star in #2)

Anonymous said...

4) Esper Lass = Saturn Girl
Beauty Blaze=sun boy

5) the White Witch helped trick Mordru into thinking the 30th century team was dead. She joined years later

Skeleton Munroe said...

Without looking at prior answers, I try:

1. No idea.
2. The Composite Superman
3. Bob Cobb was his usual traveling salesman self. Betsy and Marie were Lana Lang's cousin and a a foreign exchange student, I think, but I can't remember which was which.
4. Lightning Lord = Lightning Lad
Saturn Queen = Saturn Girl
Cosmic King = Element Lad, kinda.
Ol Vir = Mon-El
Chameleon Chief = Chameleon Kid
Phantom Lad = Phantom Girl, if he was in the LSV.
Likewise, Micro Lad = Shrinking Violet.
Ronn Kar has some similarity to Elastic Lad.
5. The White Witch!
6. Sheesh. Were Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl having their baby?
7. The Dominion, the Khunds, the Gil d'shpan (sp?), the Daxamites.
8. I seriously can't do much better than Adventure No. 247 and the various # 1 issues of each reboot.
And Jimmy Olsen No. 72, which marked their first issue in the Olsenverse.

Tom said...

5. We don't know, since the story of Mordru's first appearance against the pre-Crisis Legion has never been told.

Me said...

1. Wasn't Jan Jor the Ultra Boy lookalike that he pretended to be when he went bad and began his romance with Phantom Girl?

2. What others said.

3. What other said, although I an super-impressed at the first poster, who recalled which Legion chick was Marie, which was Betsey, and who they stayed with.

The one thing that stays with me from that story. I first read it in the other damn tabloid in the early/mid '70s. By then ball-point pens were common enough that the whole spraying ink on Shadow Lass think made absolutly no sense to me. I just could not figure out what kind of weird special pen Clark had. Somthing from Krypton was my guess.

4-8, I think others have pretty well answered these.

Anonymous said...

8) L.E.G.I.O.N. Annual #1
Invasion #1
JSA #1 (Mordru was the villain)
Amythst v.2 #1 (Mordru origin story)

Anonymous said...

Dream War #1