Sunday, October 12, 2008

Legion of Three Worlds #2 out this week

Looks like it'll be a late night for me this Wednesday as I put up the annotations for L3W #2.

Inker Scott Koblish has a few teasers for us on his page. From last Monday:

Issue number two of FC: Legion of 3 Worlds comes out in around 8 days, I'm exceptionally proud of how well that book came out - I've seen the color and Brian Miller and co. did an absolutely fantastic job. I don't think i've ever been on a book where there have been as many individual characters, just a cursory count puts it at well over 100, and Brian did mersmerizingly great work. I wish I could share it with everybody right now, but patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who wait.

And from today, with a sneak preview of Blok rescuing the White Witch while whooping up on some zombie skeletons:
Lotsa stuff in issue 2: Lotsa villains, lotsa Legionnaires. Hope everyone likes it.


Matthew E said...

The ComicBloc forums have a couple more panels of that preview.

Dave P. said...

I know we've been through reboots before, but this is different with the unsure future (no pun intended). We've got 3 months of LSH and about the same of L3W. It's like watching a friend die. There's a period when he takes a turn for the better just before he dies. It stinks.

Anonymous said...

I once heard a character from a video game say "People are most beautiful just before they die". Lets hope LoSH is just THAT.

murrfox said...

newsarama has a five page preview up. Looks really cool... also looks like Johns' version of the team is getting most of the face time and story points which could lead into their own series in the not so distant future.


Anonymous said...

Opinions here. Apparently, I'm both the only one looking forward to this and the only person who has any good taste analogy-wise.

murrfox said...

I think that lots of people are looking forward to this series. I also think that lots of people are disappointed that DC has decided to cancel Legion (and no doubt reboot) yet again. Let them feel what they feel. Try to look beyond their analogies and see what's in their hearts.