Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More other stuff

More stuff:

  • Slay, Monstrobot of the Deep!! on the LSH v5 cancellation:
    But I still think DC treated [Shooter] badly. After months of rumors that he was being canned from Legion, and months of speculation that Legion of 3 Worlds meant that Geoff Johns' version of the Legion was taking over, DC made only the most terse and non-committal of public denials. And now the other shoe drops--he's not being replaced, Legion is being canceled. Before Shooter's storyline is fully finished. Just coincidentally immediately after LO3W finishes.

    ... So. After all the fanfare about hiring him, it's buh-bye. Go peddle your wares elsewhere. DC used Shooter as stunt casting, and then tossed him aside. Whether it's because the sales were too low, or because Geoff Johns cleared his throat, Shooter deserved better.

    Secondly, we should note that the while Legion has been on "hiatus" before, the was usually an intervening mini-series, such as Legion Lost or Legion Worlds. DC may already have something planned, and is just playing this pretty close to the vest until they're ready to announce. But if they don't, this "hiatus" will mean that, for the first time in almost half a century, DC won't be publishing any Legion of Super-Heroes. Happy 50th, Legion!!

  • Howard Chaykin interviewed Adam Hughes at Baltimore last weekend. One topic that came up was the alternate cover Hughes did of Supergirl for the Legion book:
    Hughes explained why he was drawn to comics as opposed to advertising, where his slick artistic style could make him a lot of money. The answer for Hughes? Total creative freedom. “DC asked me for a cover of Supergirl at one point,” Hughes said. “But they didn’t tell me anything else. I was like — any editorial direction, please? Is she in a bikini? A parka? What?” Hughes then said that very cover soon became a poster and a print.

  • Wizard has a quick look at the main good guys and bad guys in "Legion of Three Worlds".

  • I missed it here, but last month's issue of Comics Buyer's Guide #1646 (Oct. 2008) had the Legion on the cover, for an L3W story. The article has a history of the Legion, interviews with Johns and Perez, and an article by Andrew "Captain Comics" Smith on the Legion Roll Call (for the Legion up to the Crisis). Smith's roll call is very impressive, including not only the Legion of Super-Pets but also False Pretenses Lad (named "Some Guy in a Yellow Jumpsuit" here).

    Part 1 of Smith's roll call can be found on the CBG site as a pdf download. Part 2 is also available and covers the post-Zero Hour reboot and the current version, plus an explanation of the publishing history (and all those titles named "Legion of Super-Heroes").

    This is last month's issue so you might not be able to find it on the newsstand. Here's a copy on eBay.

  • Tim Callahan checked out some of Jim Shooter's scripts in Baltimore.
    But I did get a chance to thumb through a few of Shooter's Legion of Super-Heroes scripts at the Baltimore Comic-Con, and I found them to be fascinating. Not because of the quality of the writing, necessarily, but because of their density, and their length. I've seen a few scripts by some of today's top writers -- Morrison, Fraction, Aaron -- and all of them have relatively short panel descriptions and just maybe a few quick links to online reference material. Shooter's scripts are not quite Alan Moore thick, but they're close. Each one must have been about 50 or 60 pages, including extensive panel descriptions and lengthy supplemental material with images and descriptions of the look Shooter was going for.


RAB said...

Though I liked the Shooter run considerably more than most Legion fans seem to have done, I otherwise totally agree with Snell.

Anonymous said...

So after months of rumours linked to the series, the Legion is going to be put on hold so many more months of rumours can spread linked to the series.


(Translation: This is messed up seriously!)