Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Other stuff

So here's a bunch of stuff I was going to get to before we heard about the latest cancellation (more on that in another post, this is for non-cancellation stuff), still trying to dig out from under my Hurricane Ike-imposed internet blackout.

  • The Comic Treadmill reviews Adventure Comics 367-369. Oh noes, they're almost at the end of reviewing the entire Adventure run!
  • Writer J. Torres explains what he had planned for the LSH31C comic, had it not been cancelled.
  • John Kahane lists his top 5 bad ideas in Legion history.
  • This unfortunately came and went during my down-time, but "Ordinary People Change the World" had a Legion-related auction. The group, started by author Brad Meltzer, is raising money to restore the Jerry Siegel home in Cleveland, coming from Siegel & Shuster Society Charity Auction (as seen in this CBR article). Mark Waid had donated the original Curt Swan cover to the Legion Index #2, and it sold for $7600 on eBay.
  • ToonZone has a review of the LSH v3 DVD (that's the cartoon, not the 1980s comic series).
  • Someone's got a couple of rare Legion promo items on eBay from the 1980s, the first being the 35th Anniversary promo from 1983 and the second being the "Flight Ring Village" promo from 1989. At this writing they're $3.99 each with no bids.
  • Christopher "MightyGodKing" Bird has reason #45 why he should write the Legion.

Also coming out of Baltimore, apparently prior to the cancellation news, was this info from the Superman panel, which hints at more of the Johns post-Crisis v3-ish Legion:
The Supergirl/Superman interaction with the Legion of Super-Heroes was asked about, given that Superman now had spent time with the "original" Legion and Supergirl logged some hours alongside Waid and Kitson's “threeboot” Legion. Geoff Johns assured the fans that the overlap would be made clear.

...The current reintroduction of the Science Police was brought up and it was asked if they were tied to the Legion Science Police. Robinson promised an upcoming arc featuring the secret behind the Science Police.

...The Superman team does have plans for Mon-El.


Nikki said...

I hate that LOSH31 is cancelled. Its a bad month for legion fans. I would have loved to have seen the 'love triangle'

JohnK said...

Hullo, Michael,

Thanks for posting the fact that I have posted up my Top 5 Bad Ideas in Legion History. Just for the record, it would have been easy to actually post up another 5 on top of that list.