Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Smallville spoilers!

Update: this isn't new news, it's been on the Kryptonsite spoilers page for a couple weeks.

Via Tombstone25, here's an alleged summary of the Legion episode of "Smallville". Warning, here be potential spoilers!

- 8x11 Legion:
This episode is written by Geoff Johns and directed by Glen Winter. It's three superheroes - Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad (although they might not use those names) — on a mission from Superman in the future. The threat of Brainiac - who has taken over Chloe's body - brings three super-heroes from the future back to the past. Eventually they work together to try and separate Chloe from her Brainiac side. This episode features a Legion villain that Johns himself is surprised he was able to use. No word on who yet, but it could be Darkseid, Mordru, or the Time Trapper. Erica Durance [Lois Lane], Aaron Ashmore [Jimmy Olsen], Cassidy Freeman [Tess], and Justin Hartley [Oliver Queen/Green Arrow] do not appear in this episode.

I have no reason to believe this is a hoax or otherwise false, but I also have no independent confirmation.

This is one of the episodes that Kristin Kreuk [Lana Lang] appears. Insect Queen, anyone? Too bad Jimmy Olsen's not in this one, no Elastic Lad.


Charlie Z said...

Do we have any idea as to the air date for this episode?

Jim Drew said...

February is what I recall reading.