Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trivia Answers #28

Oops, I forgot to post the answers to the last trivia quiz from last week. The theme for the month was villains.

1. Who was Jan Jor?

In the Adult Legion story of Adventure Comics #354, when the Legionnaires are checking through the records of former members who have had criminal records, a person on the screen named Jan Jor, who is 32 years of age in 2983 (or born in 2951) would have been 13 around this time. It is possible, then, that the yellow-costumed youth's name is Jan Jor [aka False Pretenses Lad], according to at least one site's speculation.

2. Which villain(s) possessed all (or nearly all) of the Legionnaires' powers?
My answers were Composite Superman and B.I.O.N. I had forgotten about Amalgamax, who was Composite Superman 2.0, and Composite Man from the post-Zero Hour Legion. Someone offered Mask Man from ADV 310, but he was a Mr. Mxyzptlk descendant who I don't recall having the abilities of all the Legionnaires. I could be wrong.

3. We know who used the names Bob Cobb, Betsy Norcross, and Marie Elkins while in 20th century Smallville fleeing Mordru. But what were their cover stories: who were Bob, Betsy, and Marie?
Anonymous for the win! Impressively, s/he got all of them:
* Mon-El used the name Bob Cobb and masqueraded as Clark Kent's cousin, a traveling salesman.
* Shadow Lass and stayed with the Langs and passed herself off as exchange student Betsy Norcross.
* Triplicate Girl portrayed Marie Elkins, a relative of Chief Parker's wife.

4. Of the members of the LSV, who were direct (or nearly so) counterparts of Legionnaires in terms of powers?
Lightning Lord - Lightning Lad
Saturn Queen or Esper Lass - Saturn Girl
Cosmic King - Element Lad
Sun Emperor or Beauty Blaze - Sun Boy
Micro Lad - Shrinking Violet
Magno Lad - Cosmic Boy
Ol-Vir - Mon-El

Chameleon Chief could change the forms of other things around him, so he wasn't a counterpart of Chameleon Boy. And Phantom Lad wasn't in the LSV.

5. Which non-Legionnaire helped the Legion defeat Mordru in his first appearance?
I deliberately left this vague to see what people would come up with. I was going for "first appearance" as in the first time we actually read a story about him, which would have been ADV 369-370. The White Witch helped defeat Mordru; Pete Ross, guessed by someone else, also fits here, though I should have said "future Legionnaire" since I was only looking for the Witch.

6. On the other hand, which two then-active Legionnaires did not help fight Darkseid in the Great Darkness Saga, and why?
Anon again: Chameleon Boy was serving time on Takron-Galtos, and Shrinking Violet was secretly a captive of the Imsk Liberation Front. Although, if he was in jail, was Cham considered active duty at the time?

7. Which Legion-centric alien races, pretty much never before seen in the 20th century, aided in the invasion of Earth in the INVASION! miniseries?
Khunds, Dominators, Durlans, Daxamites, Imskians, and the Gil'Dishpan.


8. In "honor" of the impending cancellation of LSH v5 with #50 and the inevitable subsequent relaunch of LSH v6 #1, name as many of the issue #1's the Legion has ever had as you can. Include series and miniseries starring individual Legionnaires, small groups of Legionnaires, or anyone closely related to the Legion.
As usual, you guys got some that I had missed, but there are still ones you didn't get. I was looking for issue #1's of a Legion-related series, not necessarily all #1's that the Legion or a Legionnaire was in (so that drops out things like the Adventure Comics 80-Page Giant #1 and Unlimited Access #1, and all of the various Superman, Superboy, and Supergirl series). The ones on my list that you missed:
* Legion of Substitute Heroes Special
* Legion of Super-Heroes Archives
* Official Legion of Super-Heroes Index
* Showcase Presents: Legion of Super-Heroes


Michael X. McArthur said...

I may be wrong, but I believe that Mask Man says that he used his magic to duplicate the powers of some Legionnaires, Star Boy and Light Lass.

Johnathan said...

Wasn't Chameleon Chief's deal that he could turn into things and... have their strength or something? He definitely turned into a tree when he was with the Super-Rejects, and a box at some point.

Michael said...

The confusion is that there were two Chameleons within a short time span: Chameleon Chief in SBOY 206, and Chameleon Kid in SBOY 212.

Chameleon Kid was the one with the Rejects who turned into a tree (Saturn Girl wasn't fooled, and had Matter-Eater Lad ready to chomp into his branches).

According to Who's Who in the LSH, Chameleon Chief "can not only change his shape but the shape of other objects he touches as well." This is the one in the LSV.

Johnathan said...

Ah, of course. One of them didn't have antennae, right?

It's all coming back to me.