Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bits of Legionnaire Business

Random bits:

  • The Legion of Substitute Podcasters talks about ADV 300.
  • The Comic Treadmill has their penultimate look at the Legion in Adventure Comics, issues 376-378.
  • The Legion Abstract looks at the history of the Legionnaire Computo.
  • Wizard Universe published an article online reprinting their print story on the Legion's cancellation.
  • Via The Comics Reporter, the Washington Post lists the "Superman and the Legion" hardcover as one of the top six comics of the year.
  • Meanwhile, Wizard has Action Comics (including the Legion arc) as the best book of 2008.
  • Chronic Cerebral Evacuations is this month's web page spotlighting the relative lameness of Arm-Fall-Off Boy and Matter-Eater Lad. Like we haven't heard the arguments before.
  • The new crew at Blog@Newsarama has got a new feature on Mondays, called Legion Blogpost. After a kickoff/intro post, episode 2 takes a nostalgic look back at the v4-era Legion. Welcome to the Legionblogosphere, guys!
  • Paul and John Review (that is, make fun of) Adventure 371.


Anonymous said...

Paul and John's review says "New Christmas Tradition!
No reviewing today"

Michael said...

Oops, linked to the wrong one. It's fixed now.

peter vandeneng said...

hey, did you see Lo3W #5 preview has posted..


note the last line of the synopsis. (and the great dawny picture)

murrfox said...

Here's a link to a Smallville trailer that shows the Legion.


murrfox said...

Here's a newsarama link to the same clip.



Anonymous said...

Braal and Winath got mentioned in Action Comics #872. Brainiac had put them through the shrnking process. Like, wow, DC mentioned is one thing... But basically how do they get from bottled worlds to full planets again by the future?

Matthew E said...

Maybe that's where Mon-El comes in.