Thursday, December 25, 2008

SQUEE-EEORRRRK! The Legion Album

Happy religious or non-religious holidays as needed to all my readers, without whom I'd be writing to nobody.

A while back, when I found the song by the group "Legion of Super-Heroes", I decided to see if I could make an album (or a "See Dee", as kids call it these days) of Legion-related music. Matthew at the Legion Abstract talked about a comic-song mix CD, and Scott at the Legion Clubhouse had a huge list of songs that could fit here, but I wanted my songs to be at least tangentially Legion related (so, for example, I leave out an obvious one, 1975's "Wildfire" by Michael Martin Murphey, a song about a horse).

So here's SQUEE-EEORRRRK!, an album's worth of songs by or about the Legion.

Meanwhile, other 30th/31st century residents have taken up music in the 21st century:


Cap'n Perkins said...

Guided By Voices being my favorite band I've had that song for a long time. It's always made Matter Eater Lad my hands down favorite member of the Legion.

Matthew E said...

Let me also refer you to the Barenaked Ladies song, "It's All Been Done".