Saturday, December 06, 2008

Trivia Answers #30

Well, Gopher got all the ones that nobody else got, so I guess it's time to post my answers. I had fun with that last one.

1. Which movie was reviewed on "Nik's Piks"?

The movie was called "Cadets", as seen in the intro story to "Who's Who in the LSH" #7. It was a drama about life in the Legion Academy.

2. What happened to the original training complex used for the Legion Academy when they moved the Academy out to Montauk Point, Long Island?
Speaking of which, that same story issue mentioned that the old Academy building was sold to a health and fitness club.

3. What is the most-reprinted panel in Legion publishing history?
The scene of the Legion council, from ADV 316 page 6, was used as the image for the Legion Outpost letters column for many years (as seen here at the Sannings' Legion Clubhouse).

4. Twice in early Legion stories, a male Legionnaire commented that a mission was too dangerous for Saturn Girl because she's a girl. Which male Legionnaires said that?
Both times it was Brainiac 5, in ADV 309 and 319.

5. What was Mordru's original name, and who was his father?
A relatively easy one. Mordru was born Wrynn of Gemworld, son of Topaz.

6. Besides Impulse (Bart Allen) and the Tornado Twins, which Legion character(s) have a direct link to the Flash family?
The one I was looking for was Devlin O'Ryan, who was the protégé of Iris West Allen. (As an aside, I hope they'll address which Legion timeline Barry went to, how Iris got back to the 21st century when she was previously seen in the now-defunct v4 timeline, and which future Bart comes from.)

7. This could be the most obscure question I've ever asked. Which three of the following people do not belong in the list with the others, and why? In alphabetical order: Affirmative Action, Asteroid Girl, Brainiac 5, Cosmos Lad, Disgusting Boy, Elektro Boy, Kwikster, Lightning Boy, Lightning Lord, Silent Girl, Spark, and Telepathy Lad.
This one requires you to know (somehow) that I'm talking about the parody and tribute covers to Adventure 247. All of the above except for Asteroid Girl, Cosmos Lad, and Silent Girl were all in the center seat; those three were on an end. See the Legion Wiki for all of the ADV 247 inspired covers so far. Jake did come up with some alternate answers (just not the ones I was thinking of).

Special bonus holiday question: Name three stories in which we saw the Legionnaires celebrating Christmas or another holiday celebration.
The three that I had thought of were the "Christmas Star" story (which also, if I'm not mistaken, was where we saw Colossal Boy celebrating Chanukkah), the Adult Legion story where Supergirl tries to hook up Superman with Saturn Woman, and the Klordny story. Gopher found a Halloween story which has apparently totally escaped my memory.


RAB said...

Okay, I totally missed what you were looking for on question 7 after all!

Michael said...

In that case, what were you thinking about? As Jake showed, there were more answers than just the one I had in mind.

RAB said...

I was assuming Jake was right about the trio from the cover of Teenagers From The Future being the odd group out, because all the rest were from different homage appearances and didn't all appear together.

That's not to suggest I believed you had some ulterior motive in mentioning Teenagers From The Future, or indeed that I myself would ever stoop to using any conceivable excuse to promote Teenagers From The Future. Even if either of us had a personal stake in the success of Teenagers From The Future, to simply keep mentioning Teenagers From The Future over and over again would be transparently obvious.