Monday, December 01, 2008

Trivia Quiz #30

No theme this week. And as it's just shy of midnight, technically I got in under the wire of posting this on the first Monday of the month.

1. Which movie was reviewed on "Nik's Piks"?

2. What happened to the original training complex used for the Legion Academy when they moved the Academy out to Montauk Point, Long Island?

3. What is the most-reprinted panel in Legion publishing history?

4. Twice in early Legion stories, a male Legionnaire commented that a mission was too dangerous for Saturn Girl because she's a girl. Which male Legionnaires said that?

5. What was Mordru's original name, and who was his father?

6. Besides XS, Impulse (Bart Allen) and the Tornado Twins, which other Legion character(s) have a direct link to the Flash family?

7. This could be the most obscure question I've ever asked. Of the following 12 people, which three do not belong in the list with the others, and why? In alphabetical order: Affirmative Action, Asteroid Girl, Brainiac 5, Cosmos Lad, Disgusting Boy, Elektro Boy, Kwikster, Lightning Boy, Lightning Lord, Silent Girl, Spark, and Telepathy Lad.

Special bonus holiday question: Name at least three stories in which we saw the Legionnaires celebrating Christmas or another holiday celebration (excluding Superboy or Supergirl 20th century stories).


ted said...

4) Brainiac 5

5) He was originally from Gemworld and named Wrynn. I think he was son of Topaz. He got possessed by Chaos.

Bonus: 1) The Supergirl tries to hook Superman up with Saturn Woman under the mistletoe in an adult legion story, 2) Hannukah in the Colossal Boy digest story, and 3) Superboy looks for the Star of Bethlehem in DC Super-Star.

Jonathan Miller said...

My guess for #3 is one of the panels in Lightning Lad's origin.

4. Brainiac 5 and (this is a shot in the dark) Lightning Lad?

5. I have the miniseries, but I was always ticked off about what it did to both Mordru's origin and Amythyst, so I haven't reread it in years. Can't remember his name, but wasn't his father Lord Topaz?

7. Brainiac 5, Lightning Boy and Spark. Pretty sure the rest were all reader contributions from "Bits of Legionnaire Business." (Though I'm not so sure about Lightning Lord.)

Jim Drew said...

2. Wasn't the former Academy a wing of the Miracle Machine-produced HQ? In which case, Computo reconfigured it into the floating HQ. Unless Omega had destroyed it before then.

3. Most reprinted panel, not most re-presented (redrawn) one? Would have to be the first or last from Adventure #247.

6. Jeannie Chu's predecessor as UP president is a Thawne, descended from Barry Allen's brother. But I bet you're thinking of something else. Was Rush connected somehow, since she's the obvious one?

Matthew E said...

6. I think you're looking for Devlin O'Ryan, who worked with Iris. That's a direct link, isn't it?

Greg Morrow said...

2. Converted to a Science Police facility?

3. The cover of Adv 247.

4. Brainy.

5. Gemworld thing; don't remember, didn't like it.

7. S/LSH era, Klordny festival. S/LSH era, the Christmas story in the same DC Special as that Miller Batman story ("Beyond the Farthest Star", maybe?)

Uh. The election of Earthgov prez in which Colossal Boy's mother one, that was awfully holiday-like.

RAB said...

Question 7 made me laugh out loud for real.

Michael said...

1. Nobody's got even a fake guess yet?

2. Neither answer is close, though Greg's is marginally closer.

3. Most reprinted single panel from within a story, not redrawn or re-presented or a cover (though it was slightly edited).

4. I need an answer for both occurrences.

5. I had to give you one easy one.

6. I was looking for Devlin O'Ryan, as Matthew said. He was Iris Allen's protege.

7. Good guess by Jonathan, but not even close. Did you miss "Affirmative Action"? I don't think that would have been one of the Bits of Legionnaire Business submissions in the 60s.

8. Where was the Colossal Boy Chanukkah story? I thought that was in the DC Holiday Special issue. Ted and Greg got all three stories I had thought of. Are there more?

@RAB - but not even a guess at #7? Which one(s) made you LOL?

Jim Drew said...

1. Was this from the Omnicom pages of the TMK era? Or was it in the Dead Legionnaires issue of Secret Origins? Or in the ancillary story bits in Who's Who in the Legion? Was it a Ferro Lad documentary?

3. I'd have to guess Ferro Lad popping Superboy to steal the Sun-Eater bomb.

4. The other Legionnaire was Cosmic Boy, I think.

7. Except Brainiac 5, Lightning Lord, and Spark, the others are all from non-continuity Legion variants. (Asteroid Girl appears on the front cover of Teenagers from the Future. Others may be from Amalgam stories, etc. Lightning Boy was retconned into being one of the Time Trapper's stunts.)

Craigopher said...

1. The holo-vid "Cadets" from Discorp Releases

2. The original training complex was sold to a health and fitness club when the acaedmy moved to Montauk Point.

3. My guess would be the bottom panel of pg 6 from Adventure #316, which was adapted to become the masthead for the old Legion Outpost letter column.

4. The first instance was Brainy during the Jungle King story in Adventure #309. The second was also Brainy during "The Legion's Suicide Squad" in Adventure #319

5. Already been answered, Wrynn, son of Topaz, as shown in the Amethyst miniseries.

6. Already answered, Devlin O'Ryan/Iris West Allen during 5 Years Later period.

7. Definitely a great question, but I almost feel guilty answering it because I have a particular interest in the material behind it. I'll throw out the answer without the explanation for now, so that other people can still try to figure it out. The characters who "don't belong" in this list are Cosmos Lad, Asteroid Girl and Silent Girl. I'll add another hint, which will be more obscurity for some but might give others a clue: the ones who belong on this list were all central in a decision making process.

Bonus: Can't think of any others, but will add them if any occur to me.

Anonymous said...

going to guess at a few.

1. whatever movie Tenzil was in before getting his archeology show in v4?

3. The scene where Superboy an Mon-El butn off Ultraboys logo with the legion watching. It became the letercol pic. (See someone else has read Levitz's comments in the back of the digests)

4. B5 definitely and Superboy?

7. Aside from B5, Lighning Boy anf Lightning Lord, all Legion of net heroes mermbers?

bonus: The hannukah story IIRC was in the main series sometime while Yera was disguised as Vi and wasjust a passing mention.


RAB said...

Michael, read my comment again -- I know the answer to #7, but I want to see who else does.

Jake said...

I think I understand the logic behind #7, they should all be characters who have appeared on an Adventure 247-style judging panel (and they better be voting no!)

So... Lightning Boy appeared in the classic one, Lighting Lord voted for Superman's death, Disgusting Boy voted in Doctor Spin, Kwikster was in Simpsons, Spark voted against Impulse, Brainiac 5 in Legion in the 31st Century (against Arm-Fall-Off-Boy?!), Silent Girl and Telepathy Lad in the L.E.G.I.O.N. parallel which rocks... *deep breath*

But, the only three to appear together in the SAME judging panel are Cosmos Lad, Elektro Boy and Asteroid Girl, all of whom appear in the new Teenagers from the Future book.

Jake said...

Shoot, missed one, Affirmative Action appears in Special Education.

Anyway since I've been thinking about this, possible alternative answers!

Telepathy Lad, Silent Girl and Lightning Lord were all not voting on membership, but rather answering a quiz show or condeming Superman to death.

Silent Girl, Cosmos Lad and Asteroid Girl were all not sitting in the middle of the judging panel (I suspect this is what you were after).

Spark, Lightning Lord and Brainiac 5 did not have a button light up next to "No" on their panels.

This question makes me feel so very geeky. Thank you so very much.

Craigopher said...

In LSHv3 #20's "Night of Madness", one of the very few Dream Girl/White Witch team-up stories, Nura tricks Mysa into attending a Halloween celebration.