Tuesday, December 09, 2008

TV Guide sneak peek at Smallville

The print version of this week's TV Guide has a new photo and short story (speaking to writer Geoff Johns) on the upcoming Legion episode of Smallville. Kryptonsite has a scan on their site.

Before the Legion can help Clark, they have to get over being starstruck about meeting their idol. "They know Clark from the equivalent of history books," Johns says. "They're all alien immigrants like him and they look at how he pioneered the way for aliens to come to Earth as a haven."


Mike A. said...

I can't believe no one outside of Legion fandom is making comments about "Lad".

afob said...

Geoff Johns has said they may not use their "code names." We'll just have to wait and see-good thing we're Legion fans-we're used to it!

kenaustin said...

Check out the newest preview on YouTube. They have lines! :)