Thursday, January 08, 2009

Adventure Comics update

Dan DiDio has said a few things about the new Adventure Comics series in the last couple of weeks over at Newsarama.

From the 12/24 edition of "20 Answers, 1 Question":

Oh – and one last thing that I wanted to mention before we go – the content for Adventure Comics #1 has changed – I think it might be out there that Mon-el is in issue #1. The reality is, that the storyline that we were going to put in as the launch of Adventure Comics has actually moved into Superman comics. While the Legionaries will be appearing in Adventure, it won’t be until the second arc of the series.

And from this week's edition:
9. As a person asked – the solicitation for Legion of 3 Worlds #5 confirm that the Legion will be spinning off into Adventure Comics. What can you say about the Legion of Super-Heroes in Adventure Comics?

DD: What I can say right now is that Legionnaires will be featured in Adventure Comics and in Superman. Those storylines, featuring those characters tie into their other appearances that we saw in the Superman mix earlier. It’s all made clear in Adventure Comics #0.

Thanks Murray!

So Adventure will be an anthology with rotating leads? How many times has DC tried that and failed?


MaGnUs said...

So what, we get V5 cancelled for a book that will not featured the legion every month? This blows chunks!

Geekomancer said...

Yeah... I kinda wonder about this.

murrfox said...

I'm disappointed, too. Not so much about the Legion. I figure they'll turn up again regularly somewhere... it may take awhile, but they'll be back. I think DC is trying to build interest in the team again by limiting their appearances.

I am surprised that they seem to be turning the new Adventure comics into an anthology... a kind of title that hasn't had the best track record in a long long time. I really want to see that comic do well.

Maybe we're going to get a strong main feature and a rotating stories of features (like Manhunter, Aquaman, Legion) that have a strong fan base, but not strong enough to support their own series right now.


Bart said...

Huh. I immediately assumed that the change was due to delays in the publishing the final part of the '3 Worlds' miniseries. Perhaps they don't want to delay the relaunch of Adventure, but they can't use the Legion until the miniseries is over. It might not be as bad as it sounds at first.

Ricardo said...

I knew it. So Legion will become a sidekick to Superman, like in the 60s. Great move, DC! That´s why it was the huge book it was... when Superman WAS the sidekick to the Legion, during Levitz/Giffen era.
Awful, awful news.

Terence Chua said...

Oh, DiDio. Why do you never fail to live down to my expectations?

Bryan said...

Mike.... no posting from you yet about the Legion appearance in the latest issue of JSA?

Anonymous said...

Shop owner was surprised I had not heard the latest Rumor -to wit - Geoff Johns will be restarting-( writing/art ??) a legion title - not clear if this is within the adventure title or a new Legion title. - this is only a rumor.