Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Smallville "Legion" to be delayed

For those of you who will be recording the Legion episode of "Smallville" Thursday, be aware that the show could be delayed by about 15 minutes while the President addresses the nation. He's asked the networks for the time but I don't know if The CW is one of those that does, so pad your VCR/DVR recording times accordingly.

Elsewhere in the news:

From the Torontoist:

This week's episode of Smallville is written by Geoff Johns, who currently writes approximately 147 comic books per day for DC Comics, including all of the Superman books, and what he doesn't write he tells other people to write. The guest stars this week are the Legion of Super Heroes, the thirty-first century superhero team inspired by Superman to fight evil in the future. I have been a Legion fan since I was about six, so I am hoping that this show will not suck like just about every episode of Smallville has for the last season and a half. But I'm not optimistic. (SunTV, 8 p.m.)

From the New York Times:
“I never thought I’d see a live-action Legion,” Mr. Johns said in a telephone interview last week. He was referring to the size and scope of the team, which tends to have more than 20 members, each with a different superpower. The group was pared down for the show to the team’s three founders. Besides, Mr. Johns said, “it’s ‘Smallville’ and Clark is the star.”

...The Legion episode is filled with details that comic book fans will easily recognize: references to the characters’ home planets, flight rings and citations like “the Levitz Museum,” a nod to Paul Levitz, the president of DC Comics, who wrote the Legion comic for many years.

The episode also includes allusions to the Johns and Franks work on Action Comics, which recently featured the Legion of Super-Heroes, as well as the current Legion of 3 Worlds mini-series.

“We do, periodically, a lot of shout-outs to the comics,” Mr. Swimmer said. “This episode, in some ways, is our gift back to the comic-book fans out there who have supported the show for so long.”

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