Thursday, January 15, 2009

Smallville tonight, at regular time

So did you hear the Legion will be on Smallville tonight? It sounds like it'll be at the regular time, and will not be delayed by the President addressing the nation. As Mania put it:

Publicists for the CW have let us know that the network plans to air tonight's episode of 'Smallville' at its regular time of 8pm. [Eastern]

The reason that's interesting is because President George W. Bush will be delivering his farewell address at that time. The speech is expected to be carried by most networks, who will either preempt or delay their 8pm shows.

But the Legion of Super Heroes are using their time manipulating abilities to keep 'Smallville' from getting delayed.

Comics scholar Alan Kistler, writing on MTV's Splash Page:
Tonight, the LSH will finally make their live-action debut on the CW’s long-running Superboy-themed television series “Smallville,” in an episode written by veteran comics scribe Geoff Johns and titled “Legion.”

So, for you folks looking for a little background on DC’s young heroes from the future, MTV has compiled a list of some of Clark’s more exciting team-ups with these teen superheroes from the 30th century.

He lists some obvious choices (Ferro Lad and the Fatal Five, the recent Superman & The Legion trade) and some questionable ones (the Reflecto storyline and not the Great Darkness Saga).

And for those who can't wait, here's a final clip showing the Brainiac-possessed Chloe and the human form of Doomsday:


Nikki said...

Don't want to spoil people but it was epic. I loved it and I think Legion fans did/will too.

Shadow Kid said...

Agreed! That little throw-away line at the end about the Subs and the quick (shy/jealous) glance Garth shoots at Imra when she kisses Clark on the cheek were priceless.

Geoff Johns and all those involved should be very proud of themselves!

Let's hope that Clark really does get to meet the rest of the Legion one day soon. :)