Monday, January 05, 2009

Trivia Quiz #31

In honor of this week's the eventual release of "Legion of Three Worlds", in which we're supposed to see the Legion of three worlds, this month's theme is "alternaties".

1. Other than Superboy or Supergirl, which Legionnaire(s) has/have traveled to an alternate timeline or parallel Earth from their own "mainstream" universe? And who was the first Legionnaire shown to meet his/her alternate-universe double?

2. Name three Legion-related characters who could use their senses to discern alternate realities (not other dimensions)?

3. During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, who said (in effect) "But there is no Earth-2 Legion!"

4. The Earth-22 Legion was was based (at least visually) on the post-Zero Hour version. But who was a member of the Earth-22 Legion and not the post-ZH Legion?

5. What other DC character had a regular strip set in an alternate 30th century that did not have a Legion?

6. What do Star Boy and Mon-El have in common that no other Legionnaires have?

7. Which of the Legion villains that Superboy-Prime gathered in "Legion of Three Worlds" had never met the Legion prior to that story?


Meerkatdon said...

Fun quiz. Let's see...

1. I know that Karate Kid, Star Boy/Starman, and Chameleon Boy all traveled to alternate or parallel earths...I'm sure there are others that are slipping my mind. The first Legionnaire shown meeting his alternate-universe double was Cham, in one of the early Adventure stories: it was on a monitor screen in one of those one-panel "what are the other Legionnaires doing right now?" throwaways.

2. Sensor Girl, the Time Trapper, and...uh...the Infinite Man?

3. Brainiac 5?

4. It was my impression that the Earth-22 (Kingdom Come) Legion was based on the SW6/Legionnaires crowd, with the addition of XS. Members who weren't in the post-Zero-Hour Legion include Bouncing Boy, Catspaw, Dragonmage, Matter-Eater Lad, Supergirl, and a little green smudge who might have been Chemical King but was probably someone else.

5. The Flash (Barry Allen)

6. What do Star Boy and Mon-El have in common? I'm tempted to say "totally screwed-up continuity." But I'm guessing it has something to do with Thom's appearances in Kingdom Come and JSA, and Lar's appearances in Valor. Maybe they're the only two Legionnaires who have had extensive runs in non-Legion books set in alternate universes?

7. Would that be Superboy-Prime?

Michael said...

For #7, what I should have said was which of the Legion villains that Superboy-Prime gathered. I'll fix that.

As for the others, I'll leave those for now.

Duke Harrington said...

I'm with Merk. The Earth-22 Legion looks to me like the reboot Legion with a mix of SW6 thrown in.

I saw Catspaw, which is what I presume what your thinking of Michael, although I also saw an Inferno/Sun Boy, who was not a member of the reboot.

I don't have the book in front of me, but I recall seeing End of an Era versions of Dream Girl, Star Boy and Bouncing Boy. The green smudge on the end may be either Dragonmage or Chemical King. I did note only two Triad's though.

I also recall a purple-costumed female in a cape near the end of the line. Possibly Projectra, although she's dead SW6 and a snake reboot.

There also was an orange-costumed, bareplegged girl near the end of the line that could be Andromeda, although why she's would be in a Legion alongside Supergirl is anybody's guess.

Also, and here's the one I really want to point out, near the end of the line we can see our 'ol pal, Pr'nt'g Err'r.

Greg Morrow said...

2. Ferro Lad's twin brother is on the list (LSH 300).

3. Brainy, I think.

5. Kamandi.

6. Hmm. Probably it has something to do with their early Superboy-rivalry appearances, but then how does that leave out Ultra Boy?

Meerkatdon said...

1. Add Shikari to the list.

6. Oooo, I know! Both of them hit on Lana Lang!

7. Saturn Queen?

murrfox said...

In honor of this week's release of "Legion of Three Worlds", in which we're supposed to see the Legion of three worlds...

This week's release? I don't think we're supposed to see Legion of Three Worlds until February. Goodness knows I'd love to see it this week, but I don't think it's happening.


lizrdprnce said...

3. I think it was Ayla.

6. I was going to say they were the only Legionnaires Superboy met in the 20th Century, but I forgot about Ultra Boy. They are the only Legionnaires to belong to a present-day team, with Thom in the JSA and Mon-El (well, Valor) in L.E.G.I.O.N.

7. Superboy-Prime should have met the Legion during Crisis 10 (at least he appeared on the same pages as they did).

Michael said...

@Don: Flash didn't have a strip in the 30th century, he just made a couple of appearances.

@Greg: Kamandi wasn't 30th century.

@Murray: I would have sworn I read that issue 3 was coming out this week. I fixed the text. Damn.

@lzrd: Don't forget about Phase, who was also in the L.E.G.I.O.N. And I forgot about Superboy Prime during the original Crisis, though of course at the time he was a good guy.

For #5, I should clarify that the strip in question was more like "several stories" rather than a regular strip, which I discovered this afternoon.

And for #6, take a hint from the theme of this quiz.

Tom Galloway said...

2. I'd say Dream Girl's seen alternate realities. Depending on how you count them, Phantom Girl can see Bgtzl and the Phantom Zone.

6. Both Mon and Thom debuted in stories that were retold versions of earlier Superboy stories.

Asteroid Al said...

5. I think it was the Hal Jordan Green Lantern, who had three or four stories set in the future where he was Solar Director Pol Manning. Or not...

Meerkatdon said...

@murrfox: In keeping with the theme, I note without comment that Legion of 3 Worlds #3 is being released this week on Earths 14, 26, and 43.

#5. Was it one of those backup features like the Space Cabbie, Space Museum, or such? Trouble is, I don't remember ANY DC character who stripped in the 30th century. Outside of the Legion, that is. :)

#6. I withdraw my suggestion that they both hit on Lana Lang, because I'm guessing that other Legionnaires did, also: Pete Ross and Ayla spring immediately to mind. Seriously, I think Tom has nailed it, with the minor correction that Mon-El was a retold version of a SuperMAN story.

#7 It isn't the evil mirror-universe version of Quislet, is it?

Meerkatdon said...

BTW, the Earth-22 Legion appears in the current JSA (#22).

Jim Drew said...

1. The Earth-3 Legion (or other evil alternate Legionnaires travelled to Earth-1) in one story, including Ultra Boy (don't recall the others). They would still be Legionnaires, technically.

2. Dreamer can, apparently (per L03W). Time Trapper could even manipulate them. And Andrew Nolan.

5. Wasn't Kal Ken or some such a Superman future variant? (And then sort of merged into the threeboot by Waid.)

6. Both met Superboy before they joined the Legion.

7. Echo and Beauty Blaze only met them in an Adult Legion story which has never actually occurred.

Anonymous said...

6 Mone'l and Star Boy had stellar patterns on their uniforms

Erik Hancock said...

1- Better to ask which didn't - I will claim -All legionnaires who visited the pocket universe earth, Blok, Cham et al who met Byrne's new superman and got Booster gold started. Cosmic Boy & NightGirl (subs are valid :P) back to the 80's crossover, karate Kid (in several incarnations) and I will even say all those lightning rod saga whet to an alternate earth - as Geoff's legion is L4, Inferno was left in the 20th cent earth and Nolan was brought forward. Phaze and the durlan swapped. Valor just is/was/will be. Also the Legion from Titans ablaze. And Now the Ranzz child (Graham or Garridan) who becam Validus as now there is a race of Validus in the 20th Cent. Timberwolf and Jo-Nah went to some other past/present/future earth.

Shall we keep going.
Not sure who met themselves - first in print or first in the timeline? Perhaps Superboy was first but this could be debated.

(side note - did they ever explain how the Fatal five and the Persuader became part of the 20th century Superman Lore?? I missed how the persuader was sent back in time and then killed in 52 and then was brought back to the 30th cent or is it now the 31st? And not sure how the FF images ended up in the War world databanks for the deadly holograms for Superman.

2- Nolan jumped into a reality where he was a hero - not sure if that was related to his powers or was Computo/B5. Phaze/Phantom Girl etc. Glorith and Mordru. Infinite Man vs Time Trapper - The former was all of them and the latter could create them - pocket universes for sale - design your own!

3- hmm - not sure- Batman?

4- Supergirl and Chemical King

5- Kamandi, Green lantern had a few future stories and GL corps were banned from earth in the legion worlds.

6- Both went insane in the 20th century

7- Cosmic King, and Saturn Queen were from the alternate adult legion story.

Anonymous said...

Previous anon - Andromeda had constellations too.

Jim Drew said...

The Fatal Five/Warworld question gets further complicated by the fact that the hard light images used by Warworld are of the Fatal Five from the Superboy's Legion universe!

Retcon explanation for the 21st race of Validuses: Darkseid didn't turn the Ranzz baby into something of his own creation but rather into a member of an existing (or perhaps extinct) race.

Retcon explanation for the two 21st century Persuaders: the one killed in 52 was the one seen in earlier Superman stories, who was created by Loki (I think) based on the Warworld imagery, and the new teen female one "inherited" the axe and outfit design from the one Osiris killed in 52.

Hal Shipman said...

"6. What do Star Boy and Mon-El have in common that no other Legionnaires have?"

While I think that Tom G's answer is probably what you're looking for, there is one other Legionaire that >might< qualify as having appeared in a previous incarnation first in a Superman/boy story. Supergirl appeared as "Super-Girl" in Superman #123, "The Girl of Steel." While not a story that was "re-written" in the same way that the Mon-el and Star Boy stories were, it is considered the try-out for Kara. It tracks in the sense that a concept was published and deemed to be interesting enough to re-work into the larger continuity.