Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bits of Legionnaire Business


  • At the Next of Kynn, he answers the question When was the "when it all went wrong" moment for the Legion of Superheroes comics, that fatal creative decision that the various subsequent writers have been trying to recover from ever since? He's been part of online fandom longer than I have (since the mid-90s at least).

  • Over at the BOOM Studios forum, Mark Waid discusses what is his favorite work and what others like of what he's done. Surprisingly, he says that Legionnaires Annual #2 is his second-most requested autograph (behind Kingdom Come). Former editor KC Carlson added later that that issue is the reason he met his now-wife, Johanna Draper Carlson (of Comics Worth Reading).

  • A couple of desktop wallpapers: LSH v5 #50, and the "Long Live the Legion" group shot from L3W #3

  • Someone captured this Jeepney in Manila, bearing the Legion on its side. The picture looks familiar; is it from anywhere specific, or just an iconic picture?

  • Tilting at Pinwheels has a Legion sketchbook.

  • The Comic Book Catacombs retroviews LSH v2 #260, aka The Space Circus of Doom (part 1).

  • The San Antonio Express News' GeekSpeak blog looks at Arm-Fall-Off Boy, with predictable results.

  • Colleen Doran has a sketch commission of Element Lad (who else?).

  • Matthew at the Legion Abstract thinks he's figured out the model for the character progression of Superboy-Prime in L3W.

  • Silver Age Comics takes a look at the Legion rejects, part 1, and identifies the four major reasons for rejecting a candidate.


Hal Shipman said...

The Jeepney image is the same as the cover of the LSH Archives Vol 3 by Karl Kesel. That pose is somewhat iconic, though that specific image was done for the Archive. It's most direct antecedent is probably one done by Grell; an edited version of which was later used as the cover for Vol 12. I can't remember where that one first appeared, though I have a vague sense it might have been one of the tabloids.

Mela said...

That first link answers the question I've had on my mind: "What would Superboy-Prime's blog read like?"

Jesus, does that person like anything?! She doesn't like Paul Levitz, the Baxter series, either reboot, anything by Mark Waid/Geoff Johns/DnA, and only seems to marginally like the v4 Giffen series. If the Legion is oh just so horrible since the 70s, why hasn't she left the fandom?

Oh, right, I forgot. She's a moron.

Greybird said...

Kynn Bartlett is a "he," who used to own and run a Web hosting service in California, and now lives in Arizona.

You wouldn't guess from that screed that he used to run the domain LSH.org, offering e-mail aliases and forwarding for Legion fans. (I was greybird@lsh.org, logically enough.)

He's quite intelligent, but quite disappointing in his blast at what he used to ardently admire. Many who're GAFIAted* from a fandom are that way. It's rarely justified. The work that's admired is almost never the problem. The fans themselves, when more sane, almost never. The fandom, though, taking on a life of its own, almost always is.
* Getting (or Gotten) Away From It All