Saturday, February 28, 2009

MegaCon/WonderCon 09: DC Nation, DC Universe (update 2)

Update 1: added the DC Universe panel info at the bottom.
Update 2: added the James Robinson panel info.

I totally forgot that Orlando's MegaCon is this weekend also, same as San Francisco's WonderCon. Here are the DC Nation updates from both conventions, from Friday night:

MegaCon's DC Nation, via Newsarama:
QUESTION: Why does it seem like the re-introduction of the same ideas?

DD [Dan DiDio] – They are the same ideas but shown in a new light. Take the Legion for example. They are important to DC, and Legion always worked best when it appeared with Superboy. Superboy & the Legion of Super-Heroes was the most successful, so that’s what we want to get back to.

QUESTION: You’re not just letting stories in that you liked when you were a kid?

JP [Jimmy Palmiotti] – We remember the stories we read and we try to integrate that into the stories now.

WonderCon's DC Nation, via Newsarama:
As for Superman, Robinson said that it will take many heroes to guard Metropolis is Superman’s absence, and the series will showcase Steel, Guardian, Black Lightning, and other heroes.

Robison said that the history of Nightwing and Flamebird and the history of Daxam (from its discovery to the time on Mon-el) will be explored in upcoming Annuals.

WonderCon's DC Nation, via CBR:
Robinson then spoke a bit about the upcoming “World of New Krypton” series, indicating that “Superman has left Earth, and he's not coming back any time soon.” He praised co-writer Greg Rucka's other series, “Action Comics,” which currently stars Nightwing and Flamebird. The regular “Superman” series, written by Robinson, will star Guardian, Steel, Mon-El, and Zatarra (“who's a little shit”) for the foreseeable future.

“Since we've made Kryptonians illegal on Earth, Supergirl will now be going back to the Silver Age [concepts], where she needs a secret identity,” Robinson said of plans for the character's title. He also praised Geoff Johns's “Secret Origin” and “Adventure Comics,” though for the latter he noted “there's very little I can say about that right now.”

The DC Universe panel was Saturday afternoon at each convention.

WonderCon's DC Universe, via Newsarama:
Speaking of Superman, Robison reiterated that many heroes will play a role in that series: Mon-el, the Guardian and the Science Police, Steel, Black Lightning, and Zatara, who Robinson described lovingly as “a little s**t.”

...Robinson then spoke of the coming Superman: Secret Origin by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, adding that the story won’t be a rehashing of stories that are already known, but rather fresh takes on the elements that allowed Clark Kent to become Superman.

The writer again said that the books are building to a “gigantic event” in 2010 that has been in the planning for over a year, “and I know you won’t be disappointed in the adventures to come.”

...Asked about Legion of Super-Heroes, Robison said that there will be Legion material coming up in Superman. And ongoing Legion presence will be seen in 2010, Robinson said.

WonderCon's DC Universe panel, via CBR:
Robinson recapped developments in the Superman titles, which have led to 100,000 surviving Kryptonians, and Superman living among them. “It's Superman among his people, and what Zod and Alura may or may not be planning.” He added that the series would impact other DC universe titles, and mentioned that Superman would not appear in “Action Comics” or “Superman” for the duration. Nightwing and Flamebird will take over “Action Comics,” while the Guardian, Mon-El, Steel, Black Lightning, and Zatarra.

“You're going to see these characters, and in their separate story arcs,” Robinson said. He indicated that he wants to give Metropolis a personality, as he did with Opal City in “Starman.”

He also said that “'Supergirl' the comic and Supergirl the character will play a big role in the ['Worlds'] storyarc,” and that Kara would return to her roots as Superman's secret weapon. Robinson then praised “Superman Secret Origin” by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, and that he expected it to be one of the big books of the year. “I think you will be delighted by the fresh look Geoff is bringing to the story.”

...On the topic of continuity, Robinson praised Morrison's and Geoff Johns's ability to incorporate multiple versions of characters, using as much of their history as possible. “But for Mon-El, there was all that Valor stuff about a guy in the twentieth century,” he said, noting the pre-”Zero Hour” series from the 1990s. “I have to ignore that, because it doesn't make any sense with what I'm doing. But I try to use as much of Mon-El's continuity as is possible.”

...Asked about an ongoing Legion series, Robinson said “they will appear in an ongoing book.”

MegaCon's DC Universe content will be posted when it appears online.

WonderCon's James Robinson panel, via CBR:
He talked about how far in advance the Superman books have been planned. “I think at one (early) point (we knew) we were going to send Superman off into space—it’s all been there from the beginning—the Legion (of Super-Heroes) is going to be a part of it...

Q: Is the Starman in JSA your Starman?

A: “I introduced him at the end of my run, but he’s the ‘Kingdom Come’ Starman, who became the Legion Starman.”


pibegardel said...

So the Legion is going to have a Superboy in their stories again?

Jim Drew said...

They do currently. Prime.

pibegardel said...

Yes, you're right about Prime. I took the statement as meaning a 'good' Superman who will be an on-going character.