Friday, February 27, 2009

More Bits of Legionnaire Business

More stuff that I keep finding (or that people send me), a baker's dozen items this time:

  • If you've never read (or even heard of) the Space Canine Patrol Agents, well, you're probably better off. The SCPA is the dog version of the Legion, with Krypto in Superboy's role (more or less). No, really. Meet Mammoth Mutt, Tail Terrier, Tusky Husky, Chameleon Collie, and... I'm sorry, I just can't finish. The SCPA even made it into the Krypto animated series a couple years ago as the Dog Stars. (Thanks to Brian Hughes at Again With the Comics for the stories!)

  • Atomic Surgery reprints an Imaginary Story from Lois Lane #47 (1964) with a cameo by the LSH and Night Girl (who don't appear until 7 pages into a 9-page story).

  • Tiny Brainiac 5 makes a non-canonical appearance in Tiny Titans #13 (via scans_daily).

  • scans_daily also has a reprint of Jimmy Olsen #100, in which Jimmy goes to the future and meets the Legion.

  • Bill at the Trusty Plinko Stick got an Archie artist to draw Phantom Girl. Unsurprisingly, she looks like an Archie character.

  • I'm not sure if this is a spam blog or what (I get a lot of those email alerts from Google), but it looks like something translated from English to another language and back to English:
    Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl -- these be the unfaltering babyish adventurer that dare to delivery inwardly circle a fresh age of hero! Set in the far-flung impending of the 30th century, and representing planets in the assembly, these young heroes must belt in cooperation to revere the galaxy from space-born bullying in leave of curious as the universe itself. This pretty field bring together the unprompted issues of SUPERBOY, SUPERMAN, ADVENTURE and ACTION COMICS in favour of a definitive Legion compendium Graphic Novels Legion of Super-Heroes Archives.

  • Gorjus Prettyfakes reviews "Teenagers from the Future".

  • In Smallville news, the series was renewed for one more season. With luck, we'll see another Legion appearance, as the ratings spiked up noticeably for their episode.

  • Dan DiDio provided his 20 answers this week at Newsarama.
    9. I know that you don’t like to talk too much about creators work into the future after their current projects, but are there plans for George Perez after Legion of 3 Worlds?

    DD: It would be foolish not to have plans for George Perez after Legion of 3 Worlds. laughs

    NRAMA: Where would you put him if you had your druthers?

    DD: Something epic. George is the one person that doesn’t shy away from the incredible group shots or something that encompasses the whole of the DC Universe, and it would be foolish not to utilize those skills.

    Question 2 talks about how they're moving (in some cases) to the "iconic" forms of the characters (like Barry Allen and Hal Jordan returning as Flash and Green Lantern), and mentions the Legion in that context.

  • Heromachine reminds us that the Legion is not clothing-optional. Not even Colossal Boy.

  • The Cosmic Treadmill closes out its look at the Legion in Adventure Comics with the Treadmilly Awards.

  • Who do you think should play the various Legionnaires in a hypothetical movie? Vote at

  • Sheryl Roberts recounts her long history with the Legion (which intersects with me and mine in the mid-90s).


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the translation is the greatest thing ever.

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Scans_Daily has been suspended.

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scans_daily has been shut down by Livejournal at the behest of Peter David.